8 thoughts on “August 31 :: Sometimes Mondays

    1. thanks on the photo :)
      and you are a wonder with your needles. I’ve actually thought of how you knit and read at the same time…what!?! it is all I can do to keep my linen stitch going on this new project ;)

  1. I was just thinking about starting a knitting project the other day. I have so much leftover yarn! Making squares for a blanket is just my speed right now.

    1. I love new beginnings too (maybe even especially now). Just turned my calendar page to september, and it felt so good.
      this time of year often feels like a new start, as much as in january.
      happy autumn and happy new beginning. xo

  2. ooohhh, I did that, too, today!! turning the page on a new month has me actually excited … it’s been a while!

    1. oh yay! it’s been a while since I’ve knitted and I’m eager for a project!
      and I’m definitely feeling good about turning the page on a new month :)
      happy knitting!!


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