A Little Reminder

Hello, hello.

I’m just popping in today to remind you that the next round of Just Five Things begins this coming Monday (September 7).

Working within the structure of handwritten lists, we’ll explore prompts that center on resetting-recharging-redirecting.  It’s a good time of year (especially this year) to explore such prompts, yes?

As always, this class is created to fold into the already-existing fullness of your life.  I’ll send you a written reflection each morning and you’ll take the prompt where it leads you.  You can join the community gathering, or you can do the reflecting privately.  Totally up to you.

Writers of all levels are welcome.  You don’t even have to consider yourself a writer.  If you enjoy playing with words and you’re looking for ways to add pause + creativity into your day, this class offers just that.  Ready to join us?  Awesome. Click right here.


sending a little love your way, m


P.S.  It’s the first Friday of the month, which means Barbara and I are sharing new photos + quote over at Tandem Echoes

4 thoughts on “A Little Reminder

  1. After a very long and very hot summer, I am looking forward to the coolness of September and the warmth that comes from participating in one of your classes. See you Monday Michelle. :-)

    1. oh you’re lovely, Betty. I’m looking forward to spending the two weeks of J5T with you. xo

      and the very long, very hot summer…I’m so ready for that to be over ;)


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