All In Good Time


My cosmos bloomed late this year.  Like really late.  Like last-week late.

All summer long, the zinnias have been incredible in their reds – oranges – creams – yellows – bright pinks – light pinks – deep pinks.  The cosmos though?  Tall feathery stalks with not a single bloom.  Not one.

Until last week.

And I was okay with the lack of blooms.  Disappointed, but okay.  I appreciated their feathery leaves, and resigned myself to having only zinnia blooms this year.  It’s been such a weird year anyway.  The cosmos must’ve been feeling weird too.

Except that some of them bloomed.  Eventually.

Eventually.  Last week, when they were good and ready.

And I find myself loving them even more.  For the way they knew when they were good and ready.

Alongside the birches’ leaves which are golden and falling to the ground, my cosmos are pink and flowy on their feathery green stalks.  They bend in the gentle autumn breeze.  And I know they’ll fade soon.  But for now, they’re lovely.  So lovely.

All in good time, yes?






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