As If

I’ve been thinking about our homeschooling journey.  How there have been questions throughout our experience but how, in spite of the questions – in celebration of them – we carry on.  We live with the questions.  We move forward as if we know best.

I’ve also been thinking about life in general.  The questions, the not knowing, the living with questions and not knowing.  The moving as if.  In any arena, it’s pretty much the same.

you just have to go with it.

Gather the research, the anecdotes, the experiences, the tools.  Consider it all.  


Act as if you know what you need to do (because you do, somewhere inside).  Some of us have to dig deeper, listen more closely.  For others, it’s clearer, closer to surface.  

But don’t we all know, intuitively?  Don’t we all know, more or less and on some level, the clearest path forward?  Don’t we all know (will we remember) that sometimes we’ll change our minds and take a different path if the first one doesn’t suit…and that’s okay, it’s great!  We just need to walk a path.

To be clear, this isn’t bravado.
It is courage and humility and acknowledgement of what is.
It is living.

If we take the first steps and then keep going – walking as if we know where we are headed (or at least being okay with not knowing, but walking anyway) – will we live our lives as if it is the best life ever (for us)?  As if we have everything we need?  Can we live that way?  As if?

As if we are love.
As if we are one with the ten thousand things.
As if, as if, as if.

Live as if.  It’s all the same.


7 thoughts on “As If

  1. “Act as if you know what you need to do.”

    This is going in my revision journal–excellent advice for writing + living.


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