Heart Whispers


In my November Note, I wrote to my readers about stepping away from Instagram.  The abridged version for you begins by saying that it was a long time coming.  The decision came after much resistance (because we are all told – whether we run a business or not, whether we wish to build an audience for publishing purposes or not) that we need social media, all of us.  Except that we don’t.  I get the appeal, I do.  Personally, I’ve connected with beautiful and kind and creative people; there is good to be found there.  But I kept hearing heart whispers of something other.  I kept hearing heart whispers of more quiet, less static, no social media.


So I left.  I may go back, I may not.  I don’t know.


I plan to ride out a few months and see how it all feels, how things play out.  I’m not suggesting that anyone else needs to step away; that’s for you to decide.  I would only invite you to pay attention to how you feel (really and truly) when you spend time scrolling, liking, following, commenting.  You might feel great.  Carry on then, and enjoy.  Or maybe, like me, you feel distracted, overwhelmed, decidedly not happy.  In that case, you might ponder your use of social media.


In response to my November Note, I received the greatest response ever.  So many people wrote back to me to cheer me on in my decision, to reflect their own experiences, to tell me that they understood.  It was heartening.


We must all find our unique ways to live on this Earth.  What works for me might not work for you, and vice versa.  We forge our own paths.  But here’s what I wish for all of us:  that we listen to our heart whispers, that we get quiet enough to hear what’s inside.  Because we all know what’s true, what’s loving, what’s sustaining.  If we get quiet and listen.


So:  always, always listen.




As I step into a quieter space for myself, I am keen to maintain connecting in thoughtful and creative ways.  I have a few things I want to share with you.


One of them is a free offering during the month of November:   Gratitude Notes.  Inspired by Gratitude Week that I’ve run in past years, this offering is simpler and pared down, but full of heart.  You can sign up whenever it’s convenient for you and a week-long series of reflections on gratitude will be delivered right to your inbox, from me to you. Have a look, I hope you enjoy, and sign up here.


The other offering is a mini edition of Just Five Things.  We’ll be meeting for five days – a shortened gathering, but every bit as good as the typical two-week run.  If you’ve been curious about this class, Just Five Things :: Grounding for the Holidays is a great way to dip your toes into this creative writing experience (not to mention the special holiday discounted price) (which, technically, I just mentioned ;).  You can read more about this class and sign up right here.


Lastly, I’m working on plans for an online Winter Solstice workshop.  I don’t have information on that yet as it’s not a definite go, but I can tell you it will involve a little writing, meditation, and yin yoga.  The best way for you to learn about this offering is by signing up for my Monthly Notes right here; I’ll be sharing an update on December 1.




And now, I leave you with this:


Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.
~ John Lubbock ~





13 thoughts on “Heart Whispers

  1. i agree with you about social media. For a while, I tamed the beast, but I find myself back where I was before. Overwhelmed. So once again I need to back out of a few platforms.

  2. I appreciate your decision to step away, and leaving the option open for going back. I’ve done both, but when I went back to social media, I gave less. Your heart will know. Enjoy the time away.

      1. It was difficult at first because I’m an ‘all in’ type person, but haven’t found social media very reciprocal. I was always pouring in more than I was receiving and I’m done with that stage of my life. There needs to be a return on investment my darling. xx


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