It Begins with Freshly

Words of now.


Freshly showered.  Pink shirt.  Brown sweater, wool.  Pup.  Out, in.  Music (Christmas, because).  Tender.  Content.  Wondering.  Windy.  Clouds.  Some blue.  Hungry.  Quiet.  Candle, not lit.  Yarn.  Gift.  Desk.  Clutter.  Treasures.  Ring.  Circle.  Questions.  Confusion.  Possibility.  Hope.  Love.  More love. Waiting.  Connection.  Hesitant.  Confident.  Digging deep.  Books.  Poetry.  Words.  These words.  Heart.  Stretch.  Open.  Receive.  Tell me.  Listen.  Blankets.  Comfort.  Discomfort.  When.  Now.  Presence.  Breathe.  Try again.  Patience.  Compassion.  Long game.



What are your words of now?
(share below) (or write privately at home) (but do give it a try) (just write whatever comes to mind) (to heart)


Sending a little love your way, m



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6 thoughts on “It Begins with Freshly

  1. Love this, Michelle. I felt comforted by simply reading your words. : )

    Mine, right now: bossy pup, warm slippers, gray skies, rumbling tummy, comfort, warmth, flame, soft light, content, flannel, laundry, holiday, crafts, yarn, grays, blues, greens, book-joy, slow-moving, Sunday ease.

    Sending you love! Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo

    1. Thank you for sharing your words, Grace.
      They’re all so comforting and cozy, even the bossy pup (which made me smile ;)
      Happy Thanksgiving to you too, sweet one! xo

    1. Don’t let that worry you. There’s something in the recognition of this. (also, it’s a really hard time right now, collectively speaking)

      Just let your words be what they are. And maybe after you’ve sat with them for awhile (or dismissed them from your mind), try another list later today, or tomorrow, or whenever. Some of those words may reappear and I’d encourage you to honor them (again)…but maybe in allowing yourself the initial negative dump, something else might wiggle its way in. Maybe, maybe not. Either way, I promise you it’s good work. xo

      1. I was quite taken aback as I didn’t feel particularly that I was feeling low or having a bad day, but then everything that came up was just so negative. I’ll do what you suggest and see what happens, thank you.


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