Three Things on This Friday

Again – still – there’s so much going on.
I’m just gonna share three things with you.



This excerpt from Conor Friedersdorf’s article in The Atlantic on January 6:

“To knowingly pretend a lie is true is, simply put, to lie,” Yuval Levin complains in National Review. “Doing that carefully enough to let you claim you’re only raising questions only makes it even clearer that you know you’re lying. Lying to people is no way to speak for them or represent them. It is a way of showing contempt for them, and of using them rather than being useful to them.”

You can read full article here.



I watched a story on the news Tuesday night that told the story of a man, Jeron Dorsey, who donated his entire paycheck and collected gift cards for a family in his community who’d lost their home to a fire.

What he said (and did) is staying with me.   A man who has lived paycheck to paycheck himself, Dorsey said if we all just start giving and loving on each other, we’d all be so much better off.




Just this morning, a friend emailed a link to the poem, For a New Year by Holly Wren Spaulding.  This friend said she thought of me and wanted to share.

I want to share it with you now.  It’s beautiful.

Click here to read.


Giving and loving on each other.
Letting all of life please us, surprise us…guide us.


A little food for thought.

always the love, m


I made something for you.  A free series of writing prompts to explore what you might let go and what you might call in.  Everyone can use a bit of self-reflection like this, now and then.  Click here.  xo


2 thoughts on “Three Things on This Friday

  1. I looked at the article but I can’t deal with anything more about Trump at the minute, I know I’m not even from the USA but he sickens my soul. Mr.Dorsey is a hero, such a lovely thing to do. And the poem is beautiful. XX


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