January 11 :: Sometimes Mondays

Sometimes Mondays look like this, which is a sight for sore eyes (and sore hearts).



P.S.  I’ve been getting lovely messages from people who’ve signed up for my (free) journaling series, Letting Go…Calling In.  It’s a gift.  From me.  For you.  You can sign up anytime during the month of January.  Click here.  xo




6 thoughts on “January 11 :: Sometimes Mondays

  1. Such a beautiful orchid! I, too, loved your journaling course. It really helped me to clarify a lot of things! xoxo

  2. Beautiful orchid! I was rubbish at the 5 day course! I read them and thought of them but wrote not a word. Too caught up in photography, but I love having them in my ‘saved’ box, and I love having the Monday notes. Makes my day when they pop into my email.

    1. We love our little orchid :) And I’m really glad you like these Sometimes Mondays.

      And no worries on not having written anything! It’s something to have read them and reflected on them. And, as you said, they’re in your ‘saved’ box…there for you, if you ever want to revisit. xo

  3. Hello Michelle, I really enjoyed your free 5 day journal course. Just what a needed and I love your Monday notes. Take care Tina

    ‘ Let the sea, set u free’



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