:: Ten Things ::

Ten Things.  Right Now.


  1. chicken in the oven
  2. eddie vedder playing…nothing man
  3. happy hour at home…chimay
  4. husband reading…kids playing xbox
  5. the pup walking around the kitchen, sniffing…hoping
  6. sizzling bacon…pre-hike eggie sandwiches for tomorrow
  7. feeling content…which is nice, given the anxious and worried feelings of late
  8. the pause between songs…now, U2…who’s gonna ride your wild horses
  9. a soft sweater…fuzzy socks…worn-in jeans
  10. the darkening sky…just a wee hint of coral


What’s your right now?
Maybe it’s ten, maybe it’s one…but what is it, and how does it (how do you) feel?


always the love, m



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6 thoughts on “:: Ten Things ::

  1. Lazy morning sitting in bed.
    Reading blogs 😊
    Pop master quiz on radio just starting hubby and I shout the answers we know!
    Thinking of my daily photo today.
    Frost on the tree outside my window.
    Bacon and egg for breakfast soon.
    This cup of coffee is lush.
    The cat’s moulted black hairs on my white quilt cover.
    Blue sky!!! Yay!
    Getting up now looking forward to the day!

    1. oooh, hooray for lazy mornings! so glad you get one of those today. we’ll be having bacon and eggs (on a sandwich) this morning too. enjoy your blue sky day (finally, eh?). happy picture making. xo


  2. 10 Things Right Now
    1. A 10pm household quiet, the chirping chorus drifts through the open louvers
    2. Sparkly Purple pedicured toes, a New Year’s treat, draped over the dining table in this stolen moment of silence
    3. A rumbling, too full tummy in a too big body
    4. A pause from the break neck pace of working day and night
    5. Gratitude that my Boing Boing Boi is softly slumbering though his batteries never really run down
    6. Chuckling at this practice and the reassurance it brings
    7. Comfortable that it’s only now farewell to the defrocked tree
    8. Remembering, there has been progress throughout the chaos
    9. Yearning still, for absent comrades and adversaries, everyone
    10. Piles, piles, piles: unanswered cards, as yet untouched presents, and, as always, unending laundry, laundry, laundry…

    A hui hou, Jamie


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