Five Things :: February

Five Things February


  1. Snow, ice, cold.  Lots of it.  Grey skies.  Sunshine too.  At the end of the month, mild temps and feeling like spring.  I honestly love it all.  Well, maybe not the ice.


  1. Finally getting to enjoy a social distance visit with a favorite friend.  Irish Breakfast tea on the porch, the warm sun shining on us.  Hurrying to get our words out.  So much to say.


  1. Making plans for a live, online gathering.  A little meditation, a little writing.  (it’s tonight!)  I can’t wait to see these dear people’s faces, and hear them speak.  (if you’re curious about future gatherings, sign up for my Monthly Notes here.)


  1. Asking questions.  They are ever-present.  And I think this is a good thing – this curiosity, this staying open to questions and possibilities.  But, if I’m honest, it’s hard some days too.  Certain answers and resolutions would be nice if handed to me.  (or would they??)  Trying to stay patient.  Trying to continue asking.  Trying to listen closely.


  1. Discussions of process keep coming up.  The reminders.  That writing is process.  That cooking is process.  That forgiveness is process.  That love is process.  That just about everything – in one way or another – is process.  It’s freeing, and sometimes exhausting.  Mostly though, I find comfort in process.  A continuum.  A dancing with.  A stepping into.  A way of being.


This quote:

In the end, whether we are talking about individual people who are problematic for us, or the entire universe, what is most important is that we incline our own heart toward inclusion rather than toward separation.
~ Jon Kabat-Zinn ~



If you had a list of five for February, what would be on your list?

sending a little love your way, m


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6 thoughts on “Five Things :: February

  1. Here’s my February five:

    1. Finding a foothold for moving forward on projects (irresolution word: finish)
    2. Finding a safe place to sign up for vaccine.
    3. Good food – comfort food
    4. A week of real winter
    5. Love from a neighbor girl.

    1. These are good things for your February!
      Very glad you’ve found a safe place to sign up for the vaccine. We’ll all get there eventually!
      Thank you for sharing, Sheila. xo

  2. Oh, that quote! It’s perfect. I was just listening to Krista Tippett’s podcast interview with Ariel Burger and they were discussing something similar, the importance of listening and respecting the views of others, rather than being dismissive or responding in anger. It was a good interview and I’ve ordered his book titled ‘Witness: Lessons from the Classroom of Elie Weisel’.

    Just five things for February:
    ~Becoming acquainted with the wildlife in our backyard. Deer, coyote, bobcats, squirrels, we’ve had multiple sightings!
    ~The snow. What a joy, having the ground covered in snow for the entire month. There is nothing I love more in winter than watching the snow fall.
    ~Comfy sweaters and warm socks.
    ~Homemade soup.
    ~Yummy stews.

    Have a lovely time tonight, Michelle! xo

    1. Grace, I’ve not listened to that episode yet but On Being is one of the few podcasts I listen to, and love. I’ll definitely listen to the episode you’ve mentioned. Such an important conversation to have.

      I love your five things…perfect for this wintry month. So glad you’ve enjoyed all this goodness.

      (and thank you!!! xoxo)


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