The tea.  Always the tea.  I could take a thousand photos of tea (and maybe I have).  Could drink a thousand cups of tea (and maybe I have).  I will never tire.  And so this morning, tea.  A second cup.  Doughnuts made, covered in powdered sugar, eaten.  Online classes for the kids.  Work of my own.


I pulled a card this morning, an animal friend.  Deer.  A message.  A reminder of feminine, creative energy.  A reminder of absolute gentleness and compassion.   The thought occurs to me that birth can be a kind of restructuring.  Of so many things.  But especially of the heart.



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6 thoughts on “Tea

  1. Tea and toast- my favorite comfort food! Tea brings back lovely memories of my grandmother. Every day at 11 and 4 the china teapot came out with the cups and saucers. There was always a plate of little goodies to sample. How I miss that today. I still do tea at 11 and 4 but now I’m alone.

    1. Oh what a lovely memory, Sue! And so nice that you continue the ritual. I hope you feel your grandmother’s love as you’re sipping with her in spirit. xo


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