thoughts on devotion

Devotion is creamy lentil soup with spinach and lemon.  Especially
after the morning does not go as planned and I am pulled in a direction
I did not intend to go (out, when I had intended to go in).  But devotion is also
a conversation with a friend, a heavy conversation of tears and trust when the
phone rings.  After the conversation, I am running late but I know there is time
enough to chop the onion, press the garlic, rinse the lentils, boil and
simmer and season.  And so I do.  I think about these two devotions, both
of a morning, one out and one in.  I think how life is like that—both, and.
Out and in. Work and play.  Soup and friendship.  My heart curls in, feels
soft and held at the same time it cracks open, wide and expansive.  Both, and.
Soup is sacred if we see it that way, friendship too.  Devotion, sustenance.

always the love, m

5 thoughts on “thoughts on devotion

  1. This is right as rain and so very lovely. Now…please send me the recipe for this lemon red lentil spinach devotion. Thank you, friend. My world is more gentle today because of your words.


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