Five Things :: April

Five Things April

1.  the blossoms…everywhere  (see cherry blossoms here!)

2.  the birdsong…louder, more of it, joyful

3.  the coffee…porch, friendship, friend

4.  the vaccine…first dose

5.  the walks…some solo, some in good company

What’s on your list of five for April??

sending a little love your way, m

P.S. I’ve got some dates set up for writing together in May. Have a look here.

P.P.S. My May Note goes out tomorrow. Not signed up? Hope right over here.

6 thoughts on “Five Things :: April

  1. 1. Lunch at a restaurant, inside, with 2 fully vaccinated friends. First time!

    2. A visit from my sister and brother in law. Hugs all around, a quick walk by the beach, followed by lunch inside a restaurant. These were all *Firsts* for us.

    3. Purchased 2 nice sized Palm plants for the porch. Gives me a little privacy and looks so tropical.

    4. The 2 trees we planted last year are doing well in spite of the deer. One is a Magnolia and the other is a weeping *something*……can’t remember the name.

    5. Crazy weather throughout this month of April. Today the wind will be gusting up to 50/60 mph but it is sunny and cool and the sky is gorgeous.

    1. Hooray for all of it…but especially the first two…I’m so glad you’re fully vaccinated and able to enjoy these things again, Betty!

      Your palm plants for the porch sound lovely…a little tropical vibe as you sip your coffee, perhaps?!

  2. 1) blossoms been and gone but hanging baskets planted.
    2) Flowers in pots on my patio.
    3) birdsong waking me up in the morning.
    4) eye test and new specs on the way, a little bling on the arms.
    5) we had a week of sunny days!! And it didn’t matter that it was cold. 😊


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