It Begins with Coffee

words of now.  (no editing)

coffee. sweet. slow. early (but not too early). music. pup. shadows. sunlight. lavender. birch. new. transition. shift. question. later. (maybe) now. quiet. wonder. wondering. giving. receiving. having. taking. giving (more). loving. love. loved. (to) love. look. listen. hear. taste. feel. understand. try. endeavor. move. rest. today. then. now. tomorrow. quiver. shake. turn. lean. into. out. underneath. expand. friendship. kindness. compassion. forgiveness. uncertainty. embrace. learn. project. collaboration. exchange. inspire. humble. snapshot. story. tell. live. be. yes. thanks.

What are your words of now?
(share in the comments below) (or write privately at home)
(but do give it a try) (just write whatever comes to mind) 

 sending a little love your way, m

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6 thoughts on “It Begins with Coffee

  1. Reading this early evening on the 4th and can only say, my! That’s a lot of words!!! I don’t think I have nearly that many coursing through my brain – lol But here goes.

    tired (but a good tired). traditions. memories, mom’s potato salad, hot. lazy (a good lazy). love. friendship. blessings. satisfied.

    That’s good enough for today . . .

    1. ohmygosh, Sheila, this is VERY good enough! it’s perfect.

      thank you for sharing your words…they feel really good…I especially smiled at ‘mom’s potato salad’.

  2. what a lovely invitation! my words of now:

    tea. maybe. shopping. must. urgh. sigh. blueberries. pick. delight. thunder. raindrops. blueberries (again). delicious. blessed. abundance. grateful. tea. yes. shop. yes. later. smiling.


    1. after reading this, Tracie, my word: (also) smiling.

      thank you for sharing, and so very glad that you did.
      I love exercises like this…how so much can get tucked into a string of words…the stories there.

  3. Ooh, I love your words of now! These are mine:

    quiet, calm, breathing, breath, slow, steady, contentment, better, joy, time, stretch, to do, pause, priority, self, accept, simplify, reach (out), go (in), blessed, friendships, home, family, change, accept, smile, share, hold, treasure, cherish, move (towards), allow, savor, rest. xoxo


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