Haphazard Zinnias

Over on ViewFinders today, I’m sharing my love of zinnias.  Click here to read and to see a few macro shots of my sweet zinnias.

Before you click over (or after you come back), I want to tell you one of the best parts about the zinnias.  Yes, the fact that they reseeded themselves makes me inordinately happy.  But also, they’re popping up wherever they like.  There are a few in the raised garden bed where they were originally planted.  But mostly they’re popping up in the mulch that surrounds the raised bed.  Things might look unkempt to some but not to me.  I couldn’t love them more.

Their haphazard placement is colorful and playful and reminds me that growth is possible just about anywhere.  Even in places not originally intended.

Until we can comprehend the beguiling beauty of a single flower, we are woefully unable to grasp the meaning and potential of life itself. 

Virginia Woolf

Every year the garden teaches me something.  Usually it’s reminders of patience, conscious tending (sigh, so many weeds), and abundance.  This year there’s a bonus reminder of wild abandon. Wild abandon in the garden is totally working for me.

Wishing you a day with just the right amounts of patience, tending (yourself, as well as others), abundance, and wild abandon.

always the love, m

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