A List About Lists {it’s time for Just Five Things}

• freedom
• a container for thoughts, dreams, feelings, questions…everything
• neat, orderly…even when the words are scattered and messy, there is form
• no right or wrong…thoughts as they arise…each honored in turn
• immediate gratification…look! words on the page…showing up, getting down

That’s a list of what lists mean to me.

Lists are a powerful way to process information, to heal hearts, to explore questions.

I heart lists.

For those of you who’ve been with me for a while, you know that I offer Just Five Things 3-4 times each calendar year.  Just Five Things explores a wide range of subjects through the freewriting of lists.  The fall session is usually in September, and this September is no different.

On Monday, September 13, our fall session of J5T begins.  We’ll be working with a general theme of release.  I think release is a fantastic theme/prompt/intention for every day, but especially this time of year.  In the northern hemisphere, the heat of summer cools and Nature makes her turn into a quieter way of being.  In the southern hemisphere, the opposite is happening, of course.  Either way, there’s some amount of release going on, some transition, some shift.

But here’s what else I want to tell you…

It brings me joy to watch the registrations for class come in.  More specifically, it brings me joy to see the names of people I’ve come to know (and love).  There are many returning students and I smile in recognition as I process the registrations.  It’s no small matter that people return, again and again, to the work (the play) of this class.  Also happy-making, is when I see new names come in.  It’s an honor to meet new people and welcome them.  I get excited to come together with people (with YOU) to play with words, to tend hearts, to share in community.

Because here’s the thing.  This class (and it’s true for any of my online offerings) is very much about coming together.  Whether you’re someone who wants to join in the community sharing (in our private classroom) or someone who prefers moving through class privately on your own, we’re all moving through the material together…and I love that.  It doesn’t matter how you do class, it just matters that you gift yourself the time to do it.

There are so many spaces to gather online these days.  So when people come back to my space—when people dip their toes for the first time—it’s a huge (and I do mean huge) privilege for me to hold this kind of space.

It’s a joyful privilege, a happy-making privilege.  I feel lucky that I can hold a class like this.  You and me and we, together.

Click right here to join us.

sending a little love your way, m

P.S. got questions about J5T?  send me a message here and let’s talk.
P.P.S.  need help with the registration fee?  send me a message here; let’s talk.
P.P.P.S. know a friend who might like this class? forward them this post…word of mouth is super helpful. xo

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