it’s a day

it starts with a cup of coffee and ends with a glass of wine.  it’s filled with a hug or two, multiple kisses, (so) many words, countless thoughts ideas dreams.  there is sunshine and heat and humidity.  there is rest and exercise and food in between. there is trying and crying.  there is testing and surviving.  there is unplanned conversation, so welcome.  there is knowing and loving and understanding and reaching and seeing and listening and helping.  it’s a day.  filled with gestures and givings and grantings.  it’s a day.  woven with kindness and steadiness and forgiveness.  it’s a day.  filled with the things that fill a day.  and I think, rather I know, it’s a day to remember, and so I will.

P.S. Join me for Just Five Things. Lists and love and self-inquiry…September 13-24.
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P.P.S. Join me for a virtual gathering September 22 to celebrate the Fall Equinox…a little meditation, a good bit of free writing, a lot of love. Click here for details.

6 thoughts on “it’s a day

  1. “It starts with a cup of coffee and ends with a glass of wine.” This made me smile and sounds like a lovely day, Michelle, especially with hugs and kisses in between. Thanks for all you do. Many blessings to you and your readers.


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