the same thing

Sometimes I want to write and not-write at the same time.  How can there be something inside, begging to be spelled out, but also too tired, too timid to show face?  Ah, but when I think of it that way, it makes perfect sense.

I sauté the onions, add tomatoes and water, salt, pepper.  I simmer, blend, eat.  Delicious.

We wake to frost each morning now.  Autumn is settling in.  Socks, sweaters, slippers.

We text, we FaceTime, we miss each other.

I scribble notes.  What to do, questions I have, ideas I have, what someone else said, affirmations and hints of dreams, gratitudes.  I use the word ‘scribble’ affectionately, not diminishing in any way, rather imparting tenderness.  Scribbling, loving.  It is the same thing to me.

I have only one thing to do and that’s be the wave that I am, and then sink back into the ocean.
~ Fiona Apple ~

I’ve got several offerings coming up…

There’s still time to sign up for Gratitude Notes! (we start Monday ) (registration closes Saturday, November 6)

Wanna join us for some quiet writing? …meditation, self-inquiry, community…
Zoom gatherings are scheduled for November and December. Click here to sign up.

Also! Registration is open for our holiday edition of Just Five Things!
Come play with lists as we write, as we pause + get intentional, together.

10 thoughts on “the same thing

  1. feeling the same way about scribbling 🥰

    looking forward to gratitude week…with gratitude, dear m 🧡



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