Gratitude Week 2021

So many gratitudes.  Here are but a few…

for the morning cup of tea or coffee, depending…for this beginning, this comfort, this ritual

for my little family…for these three, who know me better than anyone in the world, who love me

for extended family…for friends, for kindred…for yoga and writing students…for neighbors…for all these people whose paths cross mine, and mine theirs…for all the ways we color each other’s world, sometimes without even realizing it

for our pup…for her ease, her joy, her sweet little spirit

for the sun and the moon…for their rhythms which remind me to stay steady, to flow, to live

for the birch trees outside my window…for the way they flutter their leaves in the summer breeze and the way their bare branches stand in strong silhouette against the winter sky…for the way their presence soothes me year after year, season after season

for clean water, a full fridge and stocked pantry…for the abundance and bounty I sometimes take for granted…for all the people (in all the places) who work hard so that I have access to such things

for daffodil bulbs from a friend…for the kindness in that gesture…for the hope tucked inside

for walks with my daughter, with our pup, and solo…for the fresh air and exercise…for the meditation and peace

for this week…for these days of collective gratitude…for those of you reading my words each morning, the way you are in my heart and (maybe) I am in yours

for all of this, and more

I invite you to share your gratitudes in the comments below.
If you registered for Gratitude Notes, maybe you have thoughts to share on today’s reflection.
You can also share a link to your blog if you’ve created your own gratitude-inspired post.

Share one day or every day.
I hope this will be a soft place to land as we reflect together on gratitude.  xo

always the love, m

80 thoughts on “Gratitude Week 2021

  1. good morning!
    – the sun is shining after a gray and snowy sunday
    – a cup of coffee
    – yellow trees
    – silence
    thanks dear Michelle for the lovely emails. i can say last week was a resetting week, turning my min to myself and the precious little things/people around me.
    looking forward to our week together in december!
    hugs to you!

    1. Good morning, Elizabeth! You had snow!!!!!! ❄️
      Sitting here with my coffee too, with you. Thank you for letting me know how this last week went for you. It warms my heart to know this.

      And I’m very much looking forward to J5T in December too!

  2. Dear Michelle, I have just read your day seven note and I sit, smiling and with this soft, warm heart. so many little words and phrases have touched me deeply during this week and I still need time to take it all in and sit down for some journaling practices.
    I find it hard to allow myself not to be on track, but I felt comforted by your words to let go and accept that last week unfolded differently.
    So I keep the cloak wrapped around my shoulders, embracing the softness and allowing myself to follow my pace.
    right now I am grateful for a slow morning, enjoying the apple pie on my plate, your note and a cup of coffee.
    thank you for this beautiful guidance.

    1. Dominika, I’m so glad you were able to let the week unfold as it needed to unfold…this isn’t always easy so, well done! Your words here are beautiful; I feel your intention, your gentleness. Hours after you left this comment, I’m here sipping my own cup of coffee, sending a big hug your way…

  3. A quiet, pragmatic gratitude today: hot showers. My back was aching so. much. after enthusiastically (and recklessly, as it turns out) cleaning and sorting and moving furniture around yesterday. Climbing in to a hot shower this morning, feeling my aching back and shoulder muscles ease and relax, moving more like a woman and less like a three-toed sloth when I got out, I appreciate all of these things. Mostly I appreciate the luxury of the instant hot water that made them possible.

    1. ohmygosh, I can’t tell you how often I’m grateful for hot showers! They’re kind of a sanctuary for me…and I definitely know the way they ease aches and pains some days too. I’m glad you’re feeling more like a woman than a three-toed sloth after yours 😉😘

  4. Day Seven – Softening!

    I’m grateful for my family:
    – my hubby, who is my partner
    – my children who are grown & caring individuals & parents themselves
    – my siblings who live very far away but are as close as a phone call, text or email
    – I love that familial connection; we are there for each other; we know the history & that is important!
    (It’s not all perfect & happy, there are bumps in all these relationships, but we are all there when it counts.)

    The leaves are almost all off the trees now; there is a softening in our shorter days, more cozy & full of homey pursuits like cooking, baking, quilting & knitting.

    Thank you, Michelle, for a lovely week! I’m grateful for you and this group too! 😊❤️

    1. Thank YOU for being here, Connie. It’s been lovely sharing this week with you!

      Bumps and all, the familial connections are foundational, indeed.
      And so much yes to the softening in these autumn days…love the ways you are filling yours. ❤️

  5. Day 6, Joy.
    Today has been the ‘day of nothing’ joy. No housework, no laundry, no cooking. No rain! A wander around Tynemouth market with my Hunny, lunch from a street stall, yummy sausage bun. Take away curry and movie tonight, a lovely day of small joys.

  6. Day Six – Joy

    I’m grateful for my mother’s cooking lessons. Baking brings joy! She rarely used a recipe and made the most amazing cakes for special occasions (typical German Tortes with lots of buttercream), but also baked bread, lots of “plain baking,” as she called it.

    I love to bake & yesterday I made a banana loaf.
    – baking is love from the kitchen
    – I had leftover pumpkin puree & a few walnuts, so I added them (yum)
    – the house smelled wonderful
    – hubby came in from working in the yard and gave me the biggest smile (he has a serious sweet tooth)
    – like a child, he kept asking when he could have a slice
    – it was an easy thing to make & brought such simple joy to both of us.

    1. Big smile here as I read this!!! I especially love that your hubby kept asking when he could have a slice ;)

      Also, I have such admiration for bakers/cooks like your mother who rarely use recipes!

  7. One Gratitude.
    For my Hunny
    He’s my best friend and my rock when times are hard.
    He’s a great chef, especially meatballs and stroganoff.
    He’s a rock god and plays bass guitar.
    He has the worst Dad dancing moves ever!
    He makes me laugh.

  8. This morning I spent time writing with a friend who is also a writer. I love the time we spend together, even though it happens in virtual spaces. She reminds me to take my writing seriously, but we also laugh together—a lot. I’m so grateful for her, for our time together, for the laughter, and for my writing.

    Thank you for this week of gratitude, Michelle. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    1. Soooo wonderful that you have a friend who is also a writer that you can write – and laugh – together.
      And you’re very welcome, it’s a pleasure for me ❤️ (and you’ve got two more days of Gratitude Notes coming!)

  9. Day 5

    I’ve left the best for last – I’m grateful for my hubby!
    – he is a big kid
    – he makes me laugh
    – he loves to cook (and is very good at it)
    – he is my biggest supporter
    – he is my best friend

    It is lovely to connect with a like-minded group of people! I am grateful for you all! I am also thankful for Michelle and this wonderful space.


    1. Laughter is so good, isn’ it?! I feel happy reading your gratitudes for your hubby!

      And I’m so glad you’ve been joining in this week, Connie…so good to have you and others here. ❤️

  10. So late to join in the conversations, though I have been at work, and busy as a tree. Today is my day off, and like Connie I have been contemplating my Grandad’s roll in the war, though in the 1st one for me. Our 365 photography group is co-incidentally having a gratitude week and today we are to remember the fallen, and the veterans. And to be grateful for our freedom.
    I have been gratituding all over the place today as instructed 😉 in my hourly pursuit of things to be thankful for.
    My Hunny
    My home,
    My health
    My hoover, (vacuum cleaner!)
    My Yorkshire Tea.
    My washing machine
    My camera
    I forgot at 2pm
    My friends.

    1. I’m smiling as I read this…love that you’ve been “gratituding all over the place” 😉

      And it’s lovely that both you and Connie have shared in remembering our veterans today (I loved your photo over on Flickr)…so much gratitude to have for those who’ve fought for us, and continue to do so, and for our freedoms.

  11. Day 4. So grateful for this cup of coffee, this ticking clock, this light spilling across the table in this kitchen in this house on this land on this day.

    Also realized that I keep mentally substituting “appreciate/appreciation” for “gratitude/grateful.” I think because, to me, gratitude is a concept and appreciation is an action. Hmmmm……an idea to sit with, methinks.

  12. Day 4

    It’s Remembrance Day here & my thoughts always turn to my parents. They both had horrific experiences in WWII (dad was a soldier & mom was a prisoner of war), and I grew up hearing about their experiences.

    I am grateful we live in peaceful times;
    I am grateful to have heard the stories; some were horrendous;
    I am thankful to have & kind and loving parents, despite those experiences;
    I thank all those who have & continue to fight for our freedoms.

    I miss them both.

    1. Thank you for this reminder, Connie. Here in the US, we call it Veterans Day, but it’s the same. Your gratitudes are thoughtful and help me to pause during the busy morning I’m having…thank you for sharing this. xo

    2. Connie, that is so beautiful.
      I too am thinking about my mom who served in the navy during WWII. As well as two of my uncles; one who was killed in the army and another who suffered greatly from his experience.
      Your Remembrance Day thoughts are so heartwarming.

  13. Thursday morning! This week is going by so fast. Indeed the days go smoothly when we are grateful for the little things along the way.
    Right now I’m grateful for my cup of coffee, the colourful trees I see from my window and exactly now a flock of geese flew by, Most of them have already gone south, but still some around, the brave ones! Or for some reason, they can’t go away.
    My maple tree is so pretty, the leaves are a kind of golden colour, not yellow or red, but a mixed-up of colours. Grateful for this season of changes. Hope you have a lovely day!

  14. Day Three – it’s a busy “yard work” day; getting it all ready before the snow flies. Noticing the following:

    – The sunshine after last night’s rain
    – The warmth on my face
    – The smell of the leaves
    – Shadow play on the lawn & flowerbeds
    – Antics of our resident squirrels – we have red ones, grey ones & black ones
    – The sound of the birds chattering
    – Geese are honking as they head south.
    – The eventual feeling of happy exhaustion when the work is complete!

  15. I’m grateful for kindred spirits and comfort of calm words and images found in this group. I nod and reflect when reading the comments and gratitudes. It’s comfortable.

  16. On this second day of Gratitude Week, I’m grateful for the well-maintained paths in our local park that let me walk without worrying about re-injuring myself. Walking under trees and sky is essential medicine for me—for my heart and mind almost more than for my body. I’m so grateful for this place where I can move and smell trees and sunlight, where I can hear flittering, flying life.

  17. Yes, simplicity and decluttering — I did a major declutter a few years ago. To be able to let go of the sentimental things, I took photos of them and created a photo book. That way, I still have the memories of those sentimental items yet don’t have them boxed up or cluttering my spaces. Even though it’s been a few years since that huge declutter, there is barely a day goes by that I don’t feel deep contentment and gratitude for having done so. My spaces now are open, clean, with room to breath and smile.

    1. I’ve heard of this idea…taking photos as you let go of things…I love that you made a photo book! I think I’ll work my way towards that; it’s a great idea! I especially love how you feel the contentment and gratitude years later. That’s lovely…

  18. Today’s gratitude is ‘enough’!

    – I am grateful that I have all that I need at this time of my life. (retirement)
    – I am happy in my modest home; my family is grown & thriving; my husband is my best friend & biggest supporter.
    – I have food on my table, a roof over my head & it is warm & dry.
    – I enjoy my surroundings, both at home and in my little corner of the world.
    – I can pursue my hobbies at my leisure!
    – I am reasonably contented. My daily meditation helps ease the tensions & aches in my body.

    Life isn’t perfect, but I think that I am close! 😊

  19. Good morning! Simplicity and decluttering, yes to them! I love empty space around me and in my mind, keeping only the important stuff, what brings us joy. Thanks for the beautiful email. :)

  20. I am grateful to be an artist.
    – because it fills my life with wonder, magic, and fascination.
    -it is where I am most fully alive, and myself
    – it is my constant anchor
    -it connects me to the world, and others – inspiring and being inspired.
    – i love the space I have to work in – a big window, hanging plants, light, music, resources, materials…
    -time and space I carve out for myself, in which my husband supports me in so many ways

  21. Michelle, my deepest gratitude for today is for your invitation (in the Gratitude Week email) to discern my intention for this week. It unfurled a fully embodied insight that feels calming, rooting, and utterly foundational. Thank you.

    Also very grateful today for:
    — Golden autumnal light falling across my desk
    — Giant cups of creamy coffee (and the process that decaffeinates them so I can drink them!)
    — The scent of woodsmoke
    — A low-pain day

    1. Tracie, I’m so pleased to know you experienced that invitation in the way you did…that’s beautiful…thank you for letting me know.
      And your other gratitudes…also beautiful (and very glad for that last one).

  22. Dear Michelle,

    thank you for this beautiful note that reached me in the morning and thank you for encouraging me to come here to comment.

    noticing all the big and small gratitudes around my day I feel inspired and set the intention to find one moment of gratitude each day of this week to take time to connect deeply and allow a list of gratitudes to spring from this one moment I chose.

    today it was my lunch. a delicious plate of comfort food that I felt deeply grateful for as it was prepared already as I got home to eat and enjoy.
    sitting and enjoying this food, I came up with this list of gratitude:
    – the one who’s cooked the meal
    – the fresh ingredients used
    – my warm and cosy home to be in and enjoy
    – my body I nourish and comfort
    – the smile and joy this focus brings

    1. This is lovely, Dominika. So much yes to starting with one moment…and then seeing how that expands and multiples into so many good things. I’m so glad you shared! ✨❤️✨

  23. Hello everyone,
    First of all, thank you, Michelle for offering us this precious week of gratitudes.
    The fact that your timing always includes the day of my birthday each year makes it even more special for me.
    This morning, there was golden sunshine and I spent 2 hours with 2 of my closest friends, one human, one pony, I felt so very connected and “meant to be exactly where I was” and this is my gratitude for today.
    Wishing everyone a good day.
    Love, Nic

    1. Nic, it’s so good to have you here, and I love that your birthday tends to fall during Gratitude Week each year!!! (Happy Birthday to you, whichever day it is!!!❤️✨❤️)

      Your gratitude is really lovely. I smiled at the “one human, one pony”. And for you to feel this: “meant to be exactly where I was”…well, that’s a pretty great feeling…I’m so glad you felt and noticed that connection. xo

  24. Good morning :)

    I just finished reading Gratitude Notes *DAY ONE* and I am ready with journal and pen next to me. You ask *what your are hoping to experience/do/feel this week*. I knew the answer, for me, right away. I want to feel *inner peace, inner calm*, no matter what is going on with family, friends, health, and such. I look forward to getting all this down on paper today.

    Right now I am grateful for dinner with family this weekend……beautiful forecast for this week….blue jays at the feeder…..the occasional sighting of a Hawk….and conversations with my granddaughter who has adjusted to her new school in a new State and has 6 girlfriends :)

    I can be found on instgram….betty11051950…..and will try and post there daily this week of Gratitude.

    Thank you Michelle. It’s always nice to be here.

    1. That’s a lovely intention, Betty…*inner peace, inner calm*. Wishing that for you (and actually for all of us🥰).

      Your gratitudes are lovely…I especially love the one for your granddaughter. I bet that feels really good for her, and for you as her grandmother.

      Thanks for being here, Betty! Always good to have you.❤️

  25. I am grateful for public transportation. It gets me to where I need to go and for the drivers who show up and do their job.

  26. Good morning!

    I love your list and agree with it all!

    Today I am grateful for my cozy home in the country:
    – the fresh, crisp air,
    – the fantastic birdsong this morning,
    – the sun streaming through the morning fog,
    – watching the shadows of falling leaves on my walls,
    – the incredible lack of traffic noise while enjoying my coffee on the porch,
    – watching the antics of squirrels still gathering for winter.

    It is my sanctuary.

  27. Good morning Michelle! I share the join for each one gratitude in your list, except the puppy, I don’t have one, my hubby is allergic, and I’m a cat lady anyway, but I don’t have a cat either :(
    Today I have chosen to be grateful for my journaling practice. A page each morning for many years, some pretty, some messy, but my thoughts are laying in there. I wrote a post about it, link below. Have a great day!

    Twinkle lights vibe

  28. I am grateful that I got to celebrate my father’s 88 birthday yesterday.

    I am grateful that I was able to see my nephew play football yesterday.


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