wanting more

It’s rainy, it’s sunny, it’s warm, it’s cold.  I stay inside, go outside, curl up, stretch out.  I watch the news, teach yoga, talk to family and friends; I bake chocolate chip cookies and bread.  There is dismay, disbelief, connection, creativity, a turning inward while being called to look out.  This week holds a bit of everything, it holds a lot.

The shadow falls onto my page as I write.  I watch the shadow move as I watch my hand move as I listen to the words that want to be said.  Said to the page, private for now, but I wonder if someday there will be more.

It’s hard to stay open some days, is hard to hold steady.  Motherhood is no joke, being a human on this planet at this moment in time is no joke.  Nothing is funny, except for the antics of my teenage daughter on a Tuesday, except for the game I play with my teenage daughter and son on a Wednesday.  So, yes, some things are funny, but I want more.  I want lightness and ease, I want things to be less hard for the ones I love and for the ones I don’t even know.  It’s a tall order, maybe, but I want it nonetheless and I believe it can be so.

If we are fractured
we are fractured
like stars
bred to shine
in every direction…

~ Dorianne Laux ~

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10 thoughts on “wanting more

  1. Hi from Argentina Michelle !!! I have never forgotten You! Thank You for your words, ALWAYS! HARD times for Humanity but THE GREAT OPPORTUNITY to learn a New Path. All the Love,

  2. Oh Michelle! How I wish I could join your classes. I teach all day on Wednesday. Press on, dear one. I am so grateful for your words of kindness and grit.

  3. Light a candle every morning; for the people of Ukraine, for the people of the world and yes, for ourselves. It will lead the way for the day.

  4. Thank you for these words. The world feels so heavy & angry on SO many fronts. I want to hibernate and hide from it all, but instead, I keep listing daily gratiutdes, breath and pray! One foot in front of the other, one step at a time.

    1. yesyesyes to what you’re doing, Connie…the gratitudes, the breath, the prayer.
      these practices can feel insignificant but they are far from it, they’re powerful.
      (you know, the ripples…💛)


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