These words find me this week:  The remedy is within.  I copy them into my journal because they strike some chord.  I’m not looking for a remedy, per se, but am totally on board with something important being within, All and Everything, my truth, my truest self, layers of love and living.  Within, within, within.  I am a package, a container, a song.

Can we—I mean, you and me—get off the roller coaster ride, the merry-go-round, of trying to be someone or something that doesn’t reflect our truth?  Can we love and accept who we are and where we are in this moment?  Can we integrate the truth(s) within?  

I plant two rose bushes, amending the soil because ours is thick like clay.  I whisper a prayer, offer a blessing, beg them to stay alive.  Rose, a flower for the heart.  Rose, a flower for healing, for strength.  Rose, a flower for inspiring care of self and others.  Rose, a flower that softens.  

It is windy as I write this and I watch the trees, leaves and branches dancing, fluttering, living with the wind.  I cannot see the wind, but sense its presence, its strength, its embrace of what and who it is.  I sense the same for the trees, the way they are steady and strong, receiving the wind, bending as necessary, opening to the day’s currents.  I want to open to the day’s currents as well, want the song that I am to be carried on the wind.  And so, with that wish, I soften.

When we are who we are called to be, we will set the world ablaze.
~ St. Catherine of Sienna ~

P.S. I have a few spots left for June’s writing circle, The Quiet Page. Hop over here to join us as we Rest.

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