The growth is all around, colors everywhere I turn, pink and red and purple, white and orange and yellow, green, so much green. I cannot get enough of the green, lose myself where it meets expansive sky, blue or grey, depending, lose myself where it touches house, sidewalk, tree trunk, fence. The green is steady, reassuring in its green-ness, its variations astounding. Have you noticed how many different greens there are? All this green soothes me, holds me, expands me. If you ask me what color I am right now, I will tell you I am green. And if the green is steady and astounding, maybe I am steady and astounding too.

The growth is inside as well, where I cannot see it, but where I feel it when I turn in that direction. In a course I’m taking, we talk of embodiment, we practice embodiment, this word, this practice, this idea on my brain and in my heart and resting at my fingertips. Like the color green, embodiment is everywhere this week. I listen with eyes open, eyes closed, with eyes that release tears, and by release what I mean to say is pour. What I mean to say is there is an emptying, an un-sticking of something stuck. I open my arms wide, wrap my arms around my body, tell my body I am here, I am listening, we are one

And what does this mean?

It means, maybe, that we are growth, you and I, turning out and turning in, breathing air, gazing skyward, resting hands on heart, blooming. We are steady (even when we falter) in this thing we call living, this living of Life which is colorful and rich, no matter which direction we turn. We are green with growth; we are a wash of infinite colors, depending. What I mean to say is We are astounding.

Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul.
~ Saint Augustine ~

P.S. Come write with me and us… next Wednesday, May 17… register here. xo

4 thoughts on “astounding

  1. That all made me smile, I love the happy. Here, I am grey. Even the greens look grey, but I will bide my time, one day the world will be shiny again.

    1. I’m smiling now too. I see you in your grey-ness 🥰

      We’ve had lots of grey days lately (with lots of rain) and, here at least, for me at least, the grey makes the green feel more vibrant. That said, we’ve had sun breaking up those rainy days and that, no doubt, softens my perspective! Green and grey though… aren’t we lovely?! Here’s to shiny coming your way… 💫


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