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There are many days of sunshine and mild temperatures, many walks to take advantage of said sunshine and mild temperatures, many days in this week, seven to be exact. The days are filled with fresh air and flowers and green-green-green, filled with making meals and mulching garden beds and not watering the house plants (oops), filled with reading and writing and staring out the window. I think I use these days wisely, though I bristle at the sound of ‘using’ my days, will say instead that I am living them fully, at least trying.

There’s a small group who gathers with me in the weirdly wonderful space of Zoom, a gathering that is quiet, comfortable, intimate. We see each other on our screens but also: really, actually, truly, see each other in stories shared – awareness that blooms after putting pen to page, memories that rise to the surface like cream. It is an hour (oh, the astonishing living that can happen in one hour!) of living fully.

Messages come in the form of emails from friends as well as those known distantly or somewhere in between; in the form of poems and passages and plots; in the form of a yellow butterfly that flits before us as we walk along the river on a Sunday afternoon. Certain words make appearances – presence, allowing, courage, letting go – and I scribble them into my journal, carry them in my heart. They are tangy on my tongue as I sample them in scattered conversations throughout the week, this week of seven days, seven days that I (try to) live fully.

One day at a time and all that; times seven; repeat. 

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying,
“I will try again tomorrow.”
~ Mary Anne Radmacher ~

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9 thoughts on “living

  1. I really enjoy reading your words. They make me feel calm. I try to live each day fully also so I thank you for putting that into words. I am not a writer or do Journaling. I am a quilter that fills my days.

    1. Mary Ann, I’m so glad you enjoyed reading this and that my words help you feel calm. That’s really wonderful! YES to living each day fully… so good to know we’re in the company of each other, and others here. And I have much admiration for quilters!!! What a gorgeous art practice to fill your days 🥰

  2. I was thinking of you today because my Cyclamen is giving up, and I must save it’s life for when it decides to start again. Temperatures here are warming up too and that feels like I’m starting up again, my heart is lifting in expectation of sun! Happy days 😊 🌞

    1. Oh, I hope your cyclamen will pull through!!!
      And SO happy to hear that it’s warming up over there and that your heart is lifting too!
      happy, happy ☀️✨🥰

  3. So good to read your words this morning, Michelle. The quiet. The listening. The gentle beauty.

    I hope you are well and I hope to write and meditate with you again sometime this summer.

    With love, Tracie


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