300newbioHi, I’m Michelle!

I live in Virginia with my two (homeschooled) kids, my husband, and one very cute pup.  I write about and photograph what inspires me. Which means I write about and photograph life.  The pretty, the not so pretty. The in-between.  You could say my writing and photography are a form of meditation, because they are. Slowing me down, zeroing me in, expanding me out.  Helping me catch the tiny moments that make up every day.  I like the tiny. There’s a lot of punch packed in there.


I love…
dark chocolate, watermelon, freshly baked bread
cloudy days, sunny days, rainy days
trees, flowers, all bodies of water
a good belly laugh, a big bear hug, a genuine smile
slippers, wool sweaters, jeans, also yoga pants
banana bread, with or without chocolate chips (never nuts)
long walks
honesty and kindness
tea and coffee
making lists

I also love helping others watch for the tiny bits that fill their days. One way I do this is with my online classes.  I also work with small businesses and families, recording the subtleties that shape and inform them.