Michelle GD is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher with a B.A. in English and Fine Arts from Tufts University.  Her professional training and educational background provide the foundation for work which blends her love for yoga and mindful living with creative writing and photography.  Michelle leads online classes that weave together the practices of writing, photography, and mindfulness as meditative practices which encourage intentional living.  She guides others in understanding that – in paying attention to tiny moments and in taking small steps – one can live sanely, wholly, and joyfully.

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Other tidbits:

I live in Virginia with my near-adult kids, my husband, and a very cute pup.  We’re a homeschooling family.  I photograph and write about what inspires me. Which means I photograph and write about life.  The pretty, the not so pretty. The in-between.  You could say my writing and photography are forms of meditation because they are. Slowing me down, zeroing me in, expanding me out.  Helping me catch the tiny moments that make up every day.  I like the tiny. There’s a lot of punch packed in there.

I also love helping others watch for the tiny moments that fill their days, the bits that unfold into their own stories. One way I do this is by leading classes like this and this and this.

I love…

freshly baked bread, watermelon, pizza, pasta (um… food)
cloudy days, sunny days, rainy days
trees, flowers, lakes and rivers, the sea
mountains, wind
quiet, silence, stillness
a good belly laugh, a big bear hug, a genuine smile
slippers, soft sweaters, jeans, cozy socks
yoga, long walks, pilates, breathwork
honesty and kindness
tea and coffee
making lists