Kind Words

Kind words about the blog…


I love reading your posts because it feels like you are speaking the words in my heart with pure poetry (or maybe magic).

I love your pictures & your words.  You bring peace.

You embrace and you teach me to embrace.

I do so love your words and your spirit, I feel better whenever I visit here :)  Thank you!  ~K

I want to say that I love how you notice moments and capture the beauty of every day with both your words and your photos. I love how you make me ponder and think….

Kind words about 28 Moments


Sharing 28 Moments with this compassionate and open-hearted group of women has been a blessing. Michelle’s thought-full prompts enabled me to realize that my quiet life contains daily moments of beauty and joy as well as the promise of possibility. I look forward to participating again!

Michelle’s 28 Moments offered the perfect blend of prompts, questions, inspirations, quotes and videos. I always smiled when the course emails landed in my mailbox.

28 Moments has been a true inspiration to me, I have enjoyed every little bit of it! Michelle is such a warm, welcoming and beautiful person who puts so much effort and hard work into making it a truly wonderful experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend 28 Moments to anyone as it has left me with a higher awareness of my daily life and all its magic…I am in a good place after this course. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Michelle.

Participating in 28 moments helped me to spot those incredible moments during normal days that I have so often overlooked as being typical, mundane or dreary. It taught me to see that all my moments aren’t covered with glitter, and that that’s okay. It’s been several days since the class ended, and I find I am still catching those moments. I love that. I anticipate carrying Michelle’s prompts with me for a good long time. And that is good.

Kind words about Just Five Things


I love making lists and the concept of revisiting those lists over the course of the day is brilliant! This class was a lovely opportunitiy to go beyond the getting things done lists I make so often and gave me the chance to dig deeper and find connections.

I will miss this deeply on Monday! Thank you so much Michelle – you are a dynamic writer and an incredible teacher!

Just Five Things helped me to re-discover the importance of pausing throughout my days. Pausing and listing my feelings, thoughts, dreams, to-dos helped me to slow down even just for a moment and focus deeply on the right now. Michelle’s prompts, gentle guidance and encouragement were just what I needed at this time to get back into the habit of centering myself throughout my day. Just Five Things will remain a part of my days long after the class is finished! Jen (Thank you SO MUCH Michelle, for this beautiful offering you put together. It is so much more than making lists!!)

Even though I wasn’t an active participant in the classroom space, or even able to access wifi for the duration of the class, the daily prompts worked wonderfully well in my own time and space. They served as gentle yet tenacious nudges that lingered in my thoughts throughout the days. And, I found the list writing to be a simple though revealing practice, and one that has happily led to more writing. I’m grateful to you Michelle, for your offerings as well as the supportive space you’ve created in which to explore them…