25 (Simple) (and Meaningful) Gifts

You know I love lists.  Here’s a list of 25 free (or practically free) gifts you can bestow upon others this holiday season.  Really, they’re gifts for any time of year.  They’re simple and meaningful.  Happy gifting…in a simple and meaningful way.   Give a hug.  Then give another one.  Maybe a little longer.  Maybe [...]

25 Things I Love About Winter

1.  fires in the fireplace 2.  lighting more candles 3.  lots of hot tea 4.  hot cocoa {marshmallows for the kids} 5.  the quiet, grey skies 6.  the blue skies which appear just when i need them 7.  wool sweaters 8.  mittens {still loving my new ones} 9.  boots 10.  snow...because, otherwise, what's the point of [...]

25 things that take my breath away

1.  peeking at my sleeping kids and giving them a final kiss for the day 2.  poetry...especially the everyday, free-form, non-rhyming kind 3.  mountains 4.  lakes, oceans, rivers 5.  the way the wind is blowing through our birch trees out back right.now 6.  our birch trees out back 7.  autumn leaves dancing from tree to [...]