you know how you get off track every now and then?  and then something shifts - you shift - and your feet hit the ground running?  or strolling, or stepping timidly...but you make contact with something and you move forward. for years i've done a short breathing/meditation practice early in the morning.  nothing elaborate; simple [...]


there is a story, there always is.  sometimes the covers are so pretty, be it book or person, that it's easier to just stop and be content with that.  but go deeper.  beneath the perfect clothes, perfect house, perfect job - and beneath the not-so-perfect clothes, not-so-perfect house, not-so-perfect job - there is life.  real [...]

some things i love :: autumn

some things i love about autumn... a crispness in the air golden, flaming leaves crunching beneath my feet long pants, socks, sweaters, fingerless mitts not shaving legs every day since aforementioned pants conceal warm soup apple pie and pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread and pumpkin muffins breaking out the candles a certain slowing down a [...]

a pathway of beauty

i choose a new pathway of beauty, of love of intentional breath, of pause of running, of skipping of cuddling, smooching, giggling i choose a new pathway that allows for possibility that encourages growth that embraces yes i choose flowers on the table i choose smiles at those whose paths cross mine i choose this new [...]

stillness within movement

not every morning...because sometimes i feel the need to sleep any extra minutes that i can...but most mornings, i bring myself to my yoga mat.  the first thing i do is sit very still...eyes closed...and breathe.  breathing, whether consciously practiced while sitting or consciously coordinated with yoga poses, is powerful. noting the breath moving through [...]