waiting for light knowing it always arrives just about now going to the spots in my home to the places in my heart where beams illuminate the grain the kernel the dream beholden to the light eternally grateful for the glints, flickers, flares always there   *********** so happy to be joining bella today...{click to … Continue reading light

{52 photo projects…week 44}

joining bella at 52 photo projects... this week's prompt...what inspires me. a lot actually...because, honestly, i am inspired everywhere i turn.  there is beauty in nature and in people, in poems and in paintings, in conversations and in dreams.  what inspires me to step behind the camera...where to begin? i begin with my children...their energy, … Continue reading {52 photo projects…week 44}

{52 photo projects…nourish}

joining bella's 52 photo projects... the prompt for this week was a choice of prompts re-visited from past weeks.  i chose week 1...nourish.   most mornings find me sitting on these blankets, eyes closed, breathing deeply.  after a short pranayama practice, i move through a few yoga poses.  gently...because i'm generally still sleepy.  there are … Continue reading {52 photo projects…nourish}

{52 photo projects…week 42…a love note}

better late than never, right?... i recently discovered bella cirovic in the land of blogs.  besides her blog {she told stories} she's running a side project {52 photo projects} which you can read about here.  basically once a week, bella posts a prompt or theme to consider.  participants shoot an image in response to the prompt … Continue reading {52 photo projects…week 42…a love note}