lessons in persistence from my eleven year old son

backstory:  i decided at the beginning of this year that i would take {at least} one photograph each day and make a short journal entry about that photo.  simple in theory.  but i've slipped... so the conversation went something like this: me:  oh, i am so behind in my photo project! my son:  why are [...]

…an interview over at 52 photo projects

recently i was asked if i'd like to share a bit about myself and my photography over at 52 photo projects. well, yes, i'd enjoy that quite a bit... bella writes her own blog, she told stories, where she shares her lovely photos and written reflections.  she also runs 52 photo projects which is a [...]

playing with pencils

i won't muddle this post with too many words.  suffice it to say i've been enjoying lovely moments at my desk these past few days...sunshine streaming through my window, a rainbow of pencils at the ready, my notebook of favorite quotes. last month i wrote about a favorite quote of mine written on a little [...]


i am wanting to begin this year with spunk and inspiration, love and mindfulness.  i'll leave you with this image to make of it what you will.  my thoughts will follow in future posts, no doubt.  i appreciate all of you who stop by and take moments out of your day to read my words [...]

a giveaway

before becoming a mama 10ish years ago, i dipped my creative toes into the big, wide world.  well, sort of.  for a short time, i sold giclee prints of my colored pencil drawings to gift shops and small galleries.  then came motherhood and all the wonderfulness that a mama's life entails...and i put my artistic endeavors on hold.  [...]