I almost cry so many times this week.  Poems are finding me.  Teachings are finding me.  Conversations-at-just-the-right-moment are finding me.  Kindness is finding me.  I am not looking, but there they are, offering themselves.  And so I almost cry so many times.  And then I do cry. The air is crisp, the sun gloriously bright.  There’s nothing else to say on that account.  It … Continue reading melting

ridiculously lovely

I am writing, writing, writing.  Lists and questions and rambling scribbles.  Which sounds rather friendly, don’t you think, rambling scribbles?  I like the sound of that, the freedom implied—at least to my ears, my eyes, my heart.  The freedom to carry on as long, or as short, as I like.  To write with abandon, messy or neat, little or big, insightful … Continue reading ridiculously lovely