baking bread the other day, i paused to take this picture, knowing words would follow...something about returning to the practice of baking bread struck me.  i felt connected to the cups of flour, to the bread-in-the-making, to life.  i thought about always returning to these elemental bits of measurement.  i saw life reflected in this [...]

i’ve been eating this *a lot* lately…

looking for something to spice up your lunch/dinner/salad situation?  look no further. first, fill your bowl with chopped cabbage {i like red cabbage.  i know, it's really purple.  who decided to call it red?}.  shred/chop/dice some carrots.  chop some cilantro.  toss it all with a bit of sesame oil and rice vinegar.  what you don't [...]


this was my breakfast yesterday and it was so. incredibly. good. lightly toasted bagel, goat cheese, sliced tomatoes from the garden, coarsely ground salt and pepper. seriously...incredibly good. and i'd been thinking about eating this very meal for a good 12-16 hours before i actually ate it. what's that?  you don't dream about what you'll [...]