Gratitude Week 2019

for the morning cup of tea.  or coffee. whichever it is, for the ritual of making, of holding, of sipping.  for the quiet beginning. for the succulents by the window.  for their quirky beauty.  for their being hardy enough to survive my non-green thumb. for the nasturtiums that are still blooming.  for the reminder to honor [...]

Three Good Things

I’ve developed a small ritual.  A ritual so small, it might seem silly.  But a ritual nonetheless - one I never miss, one to which I actually look forward.   The ritual involves a few dedicated moments before I fall asleep each night. I don’t need my journal, I don’t need candles or essential oils, I [...]

Bits of Gratitude {and Gratitude Week}

This morning, it's the second cup of tea and the roasting peaches in the oven and the patched jeans.  It's the birch trees out my window that blow in the breeze and show hints of autumnal yellow.  It's the shuffling of my kids in the other room, the clearing of her throat.  It's the whir [...]

gratitude week :: day 5

november 15, 2013 i am grateful. ::  sometimes remembering to appreciate that we even have laundry to fold ::  a dose of self-care as i get words onto paper each day…even if it's just one sentence ::  the space on my bathroom sink which holds flowers or random treasures ::  a brisk walk with the best kids [...]

gratitude week :: day 4

november 14, 2013 i am grateful.::  fresh views of the sky through skeletal branches::  clean, fresh water {my heart goes out to those suffering without}::  the way our pup plops herself down next to me on the sofa, resting her paw in my lap::  beginning the day quietly - and deliciously - with thesewhat is [...]

gratitude week :: day 2

november 12, 2013 i am grateful. ::  the sweet illumination of a candle…the ritual, the peace ::  oh, how i love our flannel sheets…every night, upon climbing into bed, i appreciate the soft warmth ::  the fantastic light which streams into our bathroom…even on cloudy days, the light there is still present, still amazing :: [...]

gratitude week :: day 1

november 11, 2013 i am grateful. :: flowers...which speak to me of freshness and beauty and cycles and joy :: my husband's passion for running and his sharing of this passion with our children :: tender explorations...the kids gathering seeds of all kinds lately, planting a few in pots, hoping to grow bonsai plants…loving that [...]