gratitude week :: day 3

november 14, 2012 i am grateful. :: oatmeal parties...which include jammies, twinkle lights, brown sugar, pure maple syrup, cinnamon, milk, almond pretenses...just a warm beginning to a november day :: a mid-morning walk where leaves were crunched, faces were lifted to the sun, moods were restored :: a ball of yarn waiting...a few minutes [...]

gratitude week :: day 2

november 13, 2012 i am feeling grateful. :: my kiddos spend one day each week in the woods, for five hours, with two incredibly knowledgeable teachers...they learn how to whittle, how to build shelters, how to brew tea from the roots of sassafras trees...besides being grateful for this learning environment, i love to pick them [...]

gratitude week 11.17.11

today's gratitude list: ::  my children's violin teacher ::  my friend and her delicious loaf of freshly baked bread...with chia seeds.  you can read about chia seeds here ::  family ::  a rainy day...staying cozy inside on said rainy day ::  elderberry syrup from here to help the sniffly noses in our house sending a little love your way, [...]