outside the comfort zone…

we've had incredibly mild weather so far this winter, here in northern virginia.  who would have thought, given our snowfall back in *october* ?!  i'm trying to be gracious about it all {because deep down inside, i'm a kid crying out for a good snowstorm}.  and while i'd like some white to grace our ground, it's admittedly hard to dismiss [...]

magic indeed

there is much i love about the christmas season...fresh greens hanging about, lights sparkling up and down stairs and adorning porches and entryways, gifts lovingly wrapped and hiding secrets within...it is a bit of magic, i think.  and while this holiday business can be overdone, it can also be lovely and so very wonderful. on christmas [...]

for the birds

one fabulous aspect of homeschooling is being able to tailor studies to a child's individual passions. my son is passionate about birds so - as part of our studies this year - we're doing a unit on birds, using lesson plans from cornell university's lab of ornithology. one element of our studies involves cornell's project [...]

snow and pumpkins

last friday, we spent a fabulous day at a pumpkin patch with friends...a crisp fall day.  by late afternoon, the sky was grey and the wind was blowing. snow was forecasted for saturday.  what?!, you say.  yep, snow.  in northern virginia....just two days before halloween.  i know, i know...i didn't believe it either.  weather forecasters have [...]