A Little Reminder

Hello, hello. I'm just popping in today to remind you that the next round of Just Five Things begins this coming Monday (September 7). Working within the structure of handwritten lists, we'll explore prompts that center on resetting-recharging-redirecting.  It's a good time of year (especially this year) to explore such prompts, yes? As always, this [...]

Making Lists

Years ago, I figured out that I could write about life in simple lists. Not only for noting to-dos, lists can explore feelings, challenges, emotions, ideas, dreams, happenings, moments. On the days when I want to get something down but writing too many words feels like…well, too many words...I turn to lists.  I know from [...]

A Gift for You

How are you feeling? Physically, yes…but emotionally, too…how are you?  It’s an odd time, isn’t it?  Parts of our lives are slowing down (more of us staying home, limiting interaction with others) and other parts (the numbers and updates, new ways of doing work and school) change daily.  It’s a lot to contend with, I know. [...]