Who Knew

Plans are cancelled and new ones made as the white sky releases heavy flakes from its mouth falling faster and heavier than those who told us what's coming really knew. Layers are donned hats, scarves, gloves, boots all that remains a nose, two eyes peeking from within fortification. Bounding down the back steps and into [...]

:: noticing the moments :: august style

this month, i'm playing along with two lovelies, susannah conway and tammy lee bradley. both have set up photo challenges for the month of august. freedom and play, no rules really. just creative connection with others, and oneself.  you can read about susannah's august break here and tammy's life in black and white here.  join me??   [...]

desire {a.k.a. flowers}

i've had gardens in years past...gardens that produced greens and squashes and peppers and such.  it was pretty great to gather and then enjoy the harvest.  but the past few seasons have left me feeling depleted, deflated, defeated.  the deer and stink bugs eating what they shouldn't, my kids not eating what they should.  this [...]