the four of us in the yard with a spring sun upon our backs arms faces wheelbarrow and shovels and gloves dirtied hands and knees and the clearest of minds it is work no doubt but my heart feels playful content immensely satisfied moving through the yard and then the garden where dirt is loosed [...]

with boldness

movements of the day hold me where i need to be morning tea and freshly baked bread and schoolwork and housecleaning birds at the feeders which look nearly empty and i add this to my list lunch and dishes and then violin melodies fill the house, i sigh contentedly then pick up the dust rag again [...]


:: little girls :: walking behind my daughter and her friend, i listen to the exchange between these sweet girls.  their soft (for the moment) voices, their giggles, their eight-ear old anecdotes bring a smile to my face. :: siblings :: after picking my son up from his wilderness class, he sits in the back [...]