What Are You Waiting For?

Are you waiting for something better than perfectly salted crackers at four o’clock in the afternoon? Are you waiting for something better than hot water pouring down your body and maybe the scent of lavender rising with the steam? Are you waiting for something better than your teenage kids playing Xbox in the basement, the [...]

I Said Yes

They asked for biscuits and I said yes the flour, the butter, lots of butter, the egg, the milk, the salt, the sugar, the baking powder the mess on the counter some spilling to the floor. There’s no substitute for biscuits made by hand (which equals love) maybe not good for the body but terrifically good [...]

Will You Answer?

It's late afternoon as I type this and the sun streams through the window and there's tea with lemon, with sugar. There's my Polaroid camera and books and pens and sticks and things. I like things. And dinner needs fixing but the sunlight keeps me here a few minutes longer. I linger, not wanting to say much [...]

I Am Inspired

There are my children, two who color my world and who carve, alongside me, a life I didn't know possible. There are the birds feeding on black sunflower seeds and the birches outside my window and they tell stories (the birds and the birches), secret ones for all who listen. There are the skies, sometimes blue sometimes [...]

Who Knew

Plans are cancelled and new ones made as the white sky releases heavy flakes from its mouth falling faster and heavier than those who told us what's coming really knew. Layers are donned hats, scarves, gloves, boots all that remains a nose, two eyes peeking from within fortification. Bounding down the back steps and into [...]

nothing of consequence

the remaining leaves hang surely the lushness of summer passed but glory still as they cultivate presence in the wind beneath a sky heavy with clouds and they maintain lightness the birch leaves whisper as they dance on the breeze casual about former verdure and seemingly at ease with now-yellowing bodies and drying edges which begin to curl inward i stand beneath the [...]