sometimes it’s easy

after dinner they head outside while i wash dishes, pack leftovers wipe table and chairs vacuum soon i follow eager to join them soccer ball flying a pup weaving in and out they humor me my kicks weak in comparison i don't mind they {mostly} don't mind we're outside on a beautiful october evening the air [...]


the four of us in the yard with a spring sun upon our backs arms faces wheelbarrow and shovels and gloves dirtied hands and knees and the clearest of minds it is work no doubt but my heart feels playful content immensely satisfied moving through the yard and then the garden where dirt is loosed [...]

the stories

my story your story told each day in our movements and attitudes and general doings the story of a veggie wrap for lunch or hot cocoa with almond milk and spices for breakfast the story of kids kneeling in the dirt and digging a hole deep and wide for a blueberry bush the story of spring [...]