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We got snow!

Some random things..

::  Do you have old photos of your mother when she was younger?

::  You don’t need a grinder for your salt.

::  Here are some thoughts on feeling and being present versus numbing.

::  I must make this soon.  Yum.

::  This looks delicious too.

::  I bought this pattern a few weeks ago.  Now I need some yarn and a cozy seat.

::  I kinda love this little Christmas tree.


Happy clicking!

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Some random things…


Life is painfully senseless at times.  But I agree with this article that we can make meaning.

For the love of wilderness.

Here are some handy cleaning tips.  You may know some of them already, but some might be new.  For me, it’s the tea to clean my hardwood floors.  I think I’ll give that a try.

I wiped tears from my eyes (for real) when I read this woman’s story of kindness received.  The world really is a good place.

I want to make some of these this summer.

A dear friend of mine sent me the link to this amazing store.  One of everything, please.  Just kidding.  Sort of.  (thanks, P)

I haven’t tried this yet, but plan to give it a whirl.

And my sister made me this when I visited last weekend.  Yum.

For the love of love.


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P.S. If you’d like to work in community to set and hold an intention, then Intention for 7 is for you.
Click here to register for this FREE offering.  xo

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Some random things…


One of these days, I’m going to try my hand at soap making.  Don’t these look lovely?!  I don’t feel quite ready for that project any time soon, but in the meantime, I might try making this.

My daughter and her friend made this yumminess yesterday.  Let’s just say there isn’t much left.

I kinda love this short film.  That it’s made on a mobile phone makes me love it more.

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, check out these papercut portraits.

Happy hour, anyone?

I don’t have a bucket list, but this travel bucket list has some pretty nice ideas.

It really is about the choices we make.  You might appreciate these thoughts on creating structure.

I rather like these five simple shifts for spring.

These photographs.


Happy clicking, and can you believe it’s the last Friday in April?  Say what?!

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Some random things…

Here is a children’s book celebrating the joy that is/was a part of the Women’s March.  I especially love his response to how men can best support women.

Give this a watch.  Happiness, or some approximation thereof.

The tragedies occurring in schools leave me with a heavy heart.  Read this letter, written by a school teacher and addressed to elected officials. (thanks, a)

If you’re interested in de-cluttering your life and home,  this is a gentle read with important questions we can ask ourselves.

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting with Grace, of Whimsy and Joy.  Grace is beginning a new blog series, Book Talk, in which she interviews creative kindreds about their reading lives.  I was honored to be her first guest!  You can read our conversation right here.

How sweet is this garland of dancing balls?!

And these Easter eggs are so pretty.  Maybe we’ll give them a try this year.

We talk of the necessity of self-care.  This piece considers a very important aspect of self-care that is often overlooked.


Happy clicking, and hope your March is off to a good start!

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Some random things…

Even though Christmas is a few weeks behind us, this story will still touch your heart.  I’m certain of it.

Whatever your stance on global warming, Linda’s piece is a good shake-up.  And if you read to the end, she links to her TEDtalk on time debt…click that too…it’s good.

Here’s more work directly related to climate change and global warming.  This photographer’s work is beautiful.  His heart is too.

Do you have a sacred zone? (thanks, A)

Check out this sweet little (crafty) tree.

A balanced appreciation (and use) of technology is frequently on my mind. Here’s an interesting read.  It’s long, but worth your time.

Nothing’s ever as simple as a 7-step or x-step plan…there are no magic tricks, but this article breaks things down into a system of sorts.  It’s worth considering, and tweaking for yourself.

It might not be knitting, but I feel sure there’s some activity that is a balm for each of us. (thanks, A)

I’m currently enjoying this book and the inspiring women inside.

So many of us have wrist trouble with the computer work we do, the camera holding, the knitting, the gardening…there’s lots of work that involves repetitive wrist movement.  I’m hoping these exercises provide relief for my wrists, and maybe you’d like to try them too.

If I made this, the people in my house would balk at the mushrooms; there would be an uprising (what, you ruined the bacon with mushrooms?!).  But it looks so very comforting and delicious.  Maybe you could make it and let me know how it is.


Happy clicking.  And hope you’re enjoying your January!

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p.s. this post contains an affiliate link, which is no big deal; it’s just something I have to mention.  You can read more here.



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Some random things…

This quote.  I remind myself of this, a lot.  From the work of creativity to the work of life.  Also, the book from which this quote originates is in my Amazon shopping cart.  Christmas present to myself, maybe?  Yes, maybe. (thanks, A)

I’m pretty sure I’ve shared this short video at some point.  But it’s worth sharing again.  It pairs nicely with the quote/image above.  A gentle yet insistent reminder.  Do the work.  Keep going.  It’s the only way.  Creative work, life work, all work.

I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have the patience to make these.  But aren’t they pretty?!

Self-care is something I think about.  This article shares thoughts in keeping with what I think too.  Take care.  Know that it’s in our everyday choices, our everyday power. (thanks, A)

Resting in the openness.  Yes, please.

A dear friend sent me this video after telling me she’d begun taking tap dancing lessons.  After listening to her experience of tap and watching this video, I kinda wanna sign myself up for lessons. (thanks, P)

I have favorite Christmas albums from my childhood…Johnny Mathis  and Bing Crosby are two such favorites.  This one has become a favorite in the last couple years. It’s one I listen to, without tiring, all season long.

I did this same project with my kiddos when they were little, except we did Christmas trees and we simply covered a big-ish piece of cardboard with natural-colored felt.  Super cute.  Too bad I wasn’t blogging back then to share. Hands down, a favorite Christmas decoration to set out every year.

Maybe something for the birds?

And a hot cup of this tea, for you.  It’s my favorite tea this time of year.

Our world is full of magical places.  Truly.


Happy clicking.  Happy December!

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Some random things…

Technology is a tricky thing. I see its pluses; I see its minuses. (on the plus side, here we are!) Though my kiddos are very different ages than Erin’s, so many of her thoughts resonate and carry over regardless.

And, on the technology note, this is really interesting.

You are enough.

How much do we really need?  This is a nice piece on requirements versus nice-to-have options.  It might get you thinking like it did me.

These words are such a good reminder not to wait.

I think I’d kinda love one of these strung somewhere in our home.

On the first of this month, I mentioned to the readers of my newsletter/Monthly Notes that I was reading this book.  It’s really (really) good, folks.  Seriously.  So many dog-eared pages.  I keep going back and through.

One of my fellow contributor at ViewFinders, Lucy Loomis, shared a lovely and quiet post earlier this week…full of beautiful photos and quotes (my favorite!).  As we get ready to close September and move into October, I think you’ll enjoy; click here.

And lastly, this lady.  Freakin’ awesome. (thanks, a)

Happy clicking and happy weekend!


sending a little love your way, m



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Some random things.

An optimized life.  This tongue in cheek essay will have you laughing by the end.

More humor.  But it makes you kind of sad at the same time.

I was talking with someone the other day and, while we were talking, an email came through on her phone.  She actually picked up her phone and read the email.  What?! Just stopped our conversation, and read the email. And it wasn’t like she was waiting for an important message from someone. It was a random email; I know this because she told me about the email after she finished reading it in the middle of our conversation. Really? Really. Here’s a great read on the addictiveness of smart phones. FYI, the f-bomb appears multiple times.

Love this idea for hanging art.

Whether doing yoga or sitting in the park, we’d all do well to think along these lines. (thanks, d)

For the parents of older kids, click here for a reminder that it’s really going to be okay.  (thanks, b)

Wherever you fall on the political spectrum, it’s so important to listen to each other.

Father’s Day is June 18, here in the U.S.  Here’s a beautiful poem in honor of all fathers, wherever you live.

For the love of color.  And food.  Click here.

I just started reading this book the other day.  So far, it’s provocative.


Enjoy the clicks and
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Some random things.

Food is a complicated issue (though, maybe, it doesn’t need to be). These are two recent reads that I found interesting:  here and here.

This poem.  Yes,  let’s be kind.

As is true with much of life, there’s a line of moderation to toe.  Sometimes, sadness and anxiety are natural.

Have time for a run?  Doesn’t have to be fast.

Also…maybe stop running.  (the metaphorical running)

This motherhood mantra.  Hell yes.  Though it’s a mantra that could work for those who aren’t mothers too.

Stir fry noodles?  Yes, please.

There are so many small pleasures in life.  Are you taking note?  The small stuff is really the big stuff.

Enjoy the clicks and
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p.s. Happy Easter and Happy Passover!

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Some random things.

I participated in Robin’s free Pilates program last March and it was really wonderful.  You know I like to break things into doable chunks, yes?  Well, she does exactly that…with Pilates.  10ish minutes each day.  You can absolutely do it.  Plus, it’s free!  Click here to read more about it.

Whether talking politics/art/religion/whatever we’ve got to keep our minds open.  Here’s a good read.

Listen to your heart.  It’s not easy when there’s so much noise out there.  This is something I have to work on consistently.

I’m enjoying Christine’s podcast so much.  If you’re a writer, I encourage you to check it out.  The Conscious Booksmith Podcast.

Also, to continue the goodness of our conversation with Christine last week, Christine created a special discount code for you!  Yes, indeed.  You can save 25% off her new memoir, Moving Water, by using the following code at checkout:  MW25OFF (code expires February 28)

You know I love pom-poms, right?  My sister knows this too.  She sent me this link.  Such a fun project.  And, while mine didn’t turn out quite as nice as the one in the post (and I was working with yarn I had on hand), I do love seeing it every time I walk by the front door.

Compassion and some intentional reframing.  Here’s a fascinating read on behavioral economics as it relates to low-income individuals…and (all of our) limited mental bandwidth.

I just found this ombre heart and I really want to make it.

Oh!  And, in case you haven’t heard, registration for Just Five Things is open.  I know some of you have already registered (yay and thank you!); there are still some spots remaining.  Dates for class are April 3-14.

Enjoy the clicks and
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