Gratitude Week

Well, it’s almost time for another round of Gratitude Week. I hope you’ll join me.

November 8 – 14, 2021

While Gratitude Week and Gratitude Notes have passed,
you can still join us in the Flickr Gratitude Group for the month of November.
See #3 below for details. :)

It’s true that every day is a good day for practicing gratitude. So why Gratitude Week? Well, the idea is to come together in community and intentionally practice – and celebrate – gratitude together. It’s so nice to walk through this week alongside each other, knowing that we’re all taking a little extra time to notice, to appreciate. It’s one of my favorite weeks of the year.

Here are three ways you can join us…

1. Gratitude Notes
During Gratitude Week, I’ll be offering a series of Gratitude Notes. These are short essays – 7 in total – on gratitude. Intended to invite consideration of the goodness in your life, Gratitude Notes are delivered right to your inbox, straight from my heart to yours. They’re a quiet and thoughtful way to dip a little deeper into the gratitude practice you already have, or the one you wish to begin cultivating. In addition to each daily reflection, I’ll include a few prompts for journaling or simply thinking about.

Consider this a mini e-course on Gratitude, full of reflection and inspiration and gentle action.

Sign up here to receive Gratitude Notes.
Registration is free.
If you’re signing up after November 7, you’ll find links within each Gratitude Note to visit any previous days you may have missed.

2. Blog
As we begin our week together, I’ll publish a gratitude post on my blog, on Monday, November 8. In that post, you can share freely in the comments throughout the week:
share your gratitudes, coming back multiple days if you like;
share links to gratitude posts on your own blog;
share personal reflections on the Gratitude Notes.

3. Flickr
For the entire month of November, I’m hosting a group on Flickr where we can share our gratitude-inspired photos throughout the month. If you don’t have a Flickr account and you want to join in the photo fun, you can try a free account. If you’ve never tried Flickr, you’ll see just how lovely it is with people’s photos in one gallery. if you’ve been off Flickr for a while now (as some of us have), you’ll be reminded. Or maybe the photos just aren’t your thing, and that’s good too. You can focus your efforts on Gratitude Week. I just kinda wanted a place to spread out for the month of November, a quiet space with thoughtful photos. I can’t wait for the gallery to fill.

All levels of photography interest and ability are welcome!

If you’d like to be a part of the Gratitude Flickr group, hop over here. I’m keeping the group public, making it easier for folks to join. To be clear, while Gratitude Week will run November 8-14, the Gratitude Flickr group will be open November 1-30.

Please share Gratitude Week with friends.
The world needs more love, more compassion, more gratitude.
Let’s raise that vibration.
Let’s come together for a special week of practicing gratitude, together.

About Michelle GD
Michelle GD is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher with a B.A. in English and Fine Arts from Tufts University.  Her professional training and educational background provide the foundation for work which blends her love for yoga and mindful living with creative writing and photography.  Michelle leads classes that weave together the practices of writing, photography, and mindfulness as meditative practices which encourage intentional living.  She guides others in paying attention to tiny moments and in taking small steps so that one can live sanely, wholly, and joyfully

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