:: Five Things I Love ::

Five Things I Love on This Friday watercolor…these hearts I painted with my daughter my daughter, my son, my three the wind which has cleared our rainy skies my desk which I finally cleaned + organized any reminder to give ourselves to love Happy Valentine’s Day!   What are five things (or people) you love?? [...]

:: Ten Things ::

Ten things.  Right now.  second cup of coffee…bitter, sweet, warm  quiet music  a grey sky outside my window  my daughter working quietly on her schoolwork in the dining room  my fuzzy sweater, my slippers…comfort  the glorious space on my (now clean) desk  the whole day just waiting for me  motherhood…always with me, always a part [...]

Rain and Coffee

There’s rain and there’s coffee. There’s grey sky and there’s work. There’s clutter and there’s a clear desk. There’s laundry and there’s clean clothing. There’s breakfast and there’s lunch (and then there’s dinner). There’s yesterday and there’s today. There’s truth and there’s more truth. There’s love and there’s compassion. There’s one thing and there’s another. [...]

:: A Tiny Bit of Quiet :: January 31

A quiet journaling series.  For the month of January.  xo Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life. ~ Mark Twain ~   Write three beautiful things about yesterday.   Write ten beautiful things about right now.   Can you imagine beautiful things for your future?  Go ahead and [...]

:: A Tiny Bit of Quiet :: January 24

A quiet journaling series.  For the month of January.  xo We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak. ~ Epictetus ~   Think about a recent conversation you had with someone. Was it a conversation of interest to you, or was it of a more obligatory [...]

:: A Tiny Bit of Quiet :: January 17

A quiet journaling series.  For the month of January.  xo Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.” ~ Mary Anne Radmacher ~   What does courage mean to you?  Jot down some ideas.  Look it up in the dictionary if you [...]

:: A Tiny Bit of Quiet :: January 10

A quiet journaling series.  For the month of January.  xo There are years that ask questions and years that answer. ~ Zora Neale Hurston ~   Questions and answers are generally satisfying when they work in tandem; even if the answer is unfavorable, at least there’s some closure. Sometimes, however, questions stand independently, and that can [...]

:: A Tiny Bit of Quiet :: January 3

A quiet journaling series.  For the month of January.  From me to you.  xo For last year's words belong to last year's language.  And next year's words await another voice. ~ T.S. Eliot ~   Make a short list (maybe 3-5 things) of beautiful moments you enjoyed in 2019. Make a short list (maybe 3-5 [...]

A Few December Things {2019}

My son is home for winter break…hooray!  Yesterday we made cookies and I’m pretty sure we’ll make more today.  And probably tomorrow too.  Because Christmas.  And cookies.   I happened upon these eco-friendly toothbrushes the other day. I’ve already placed an order and can’t wait to try them.  Good for teeth, and much better for our [...]

An Interview + A Giveaway {Corinne Cunningham}

I enjoyed last month's interview with Lesley so much that I wanted to squeeze in another before the close of the year.  So here are, continuing with this interview series.  A series in which I introduce you to very special people…individuals who work equally hard at their craft and at living an intentional life….individuals who [...]