Getting Quiet, Part 2

Last week, I wrote about getting quiet.  In one sense I was talking about the quiet that means the absence of sound (specifically, music and podcasts).  But at the end, if you noticed, I mentioned this: In our world, which is hyper-everything, it’s okay to skip the latest podcast recording (even the one that a [...]

:: Ten Things :: {and Marie Howe}

One of my go-to writing practices is that of listing ten things that I notice in a particular moment, in a right now.  It’s a wonderful way to slow down and bring myself into the present.  It’s a way to get words from my heart onto the paper when streams of sentences feel too hard [...]

Wrapped In Process

A very dear friend sent me gorgeous yarn and a pattern for the fingerless mitts you see above.  Even in my eagerness to do the project, I stalled.  It took me forever to merely begin (even though I wanted to do the project).  It took me forever to finish the project (I kept starting and [...]

:: Randoming ::

Some random things... Here is a children’s book celebrating the joy that is/was a part of the Women’s March.  I especially love his response to how men can best support women. Give this a watch.  Happiness, or some approximation thereof. The tragedies occurring in schools leave me with a heavy heart.  Read this letter, written [...]