Monthly Notes


I write letters. Want me to send you some?

On the first of each month, I write a letter sharing thoughts on creativity and mindful living. Sometimes I share books and recipes I enjoy.

Also?  I let you know about upcoming classes, and offer you a discount on those classes.  

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Wondering what my beautiful readers think about Monthly Notes??
Here’s are some kind words from them…

Thank you again for all of your generosity and joy. You always make me smile, and it’s a real pleasure to see your name in my inbox. ~Misty

I so appreciate your thoughtful monthly emails, thank you for sharing your thoughts and heart with us. It always feels like we’re sitting across the table from one another having tea and conversation. ~Corinne

I am grateful for your monthly notes and the peace and love I feel in them. ~Isle

I have to tell / remind you that your notes are sincerely a balm to my heart. Just so filling. It’s like chili and cornbread for my heart! ~Angel

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I can’t wait to write you a letter.  xo