A Tiny Bit of Quiet


What exactly is this offering?

This is a FREE offering that consists of weekly blog posts each Friday, from June 19 through August 28.

Each Friday, I’ll post an image paired with a quote.  Then I’ll offer you a few writing prompts inspired by that quote.

Think of this as a mini e-course (that’s free!), spread out over the summer months (if you’re a friend in the Southern Hemisphere, I hope it will be a cozy companion during your wintering).  The first post will be Friday, June 19 and the series will run through Friday, August 28.

How do I follow along?

You can have the posts sent directly to your inbox by following my blog (just scroll down to the bottom of this web page, enter your email, and click “Follow”), or you can just visit my blog each week.  New posts will be here each Friday, posted at 3am ET.

You can share, as inspired, in the comments section +  use the hashtag #atinybitofquiet on Instagram.

It is my hope that you’ll enjoy these quiet posts each Friday, and that they’ll be short and sweet interludes.  A little inspiration here, a little inspiration there (in your corner of the world) (in the folds of your heart).  Sometimes a tiny bit of quiet is just the ticket.


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