28 Moments


28 Moments



sharing a meal with a friend, reading a good book, weeding the garden

life is made up of points in time strung together.  these points in time, these moments, shape and mold us as individuals.  in this course, you will celebrate tiny moments and cultivate an awareness of how you spend your days.  by the end of our 28 days, you will likely gather more than 28 moments; but each day is a starting point, a beginning, an opportunity.  these bits of mindful living, these celebrated points in time, will string together to give you nearly a month of living with intention.

1 moment x 7 days x 4 weeks = 28 moments

using writing and photography as tools, you will gift yourself an opportunity to look closely at how you move through your days.  we all possess creative energy and, as you embrace yours, you will also engage in mindful living.  during our 28 days, we will circle as a community and support each other in our journeys.

Michelle’s 28 Moments offered the perfect blend of prompts, questions, inspirations, quotes and videos. I always smiled when the course emails landed in my mailbox.  ~ Christine

28 Moments has been a true inspiration to me, I have enjoyed every little bit of it! Michelle is such a warm, welcoming and beautiful person who puts so much effort and hard work into making it a truly wonderful experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend 28 Moments to anyone as it has left me with a higher awareness of my daily life and all its magic…I am in a good place after this course. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Michelle.  ~ Anonymous

the four-week course will include:

twice weekly photography prompts
twice weekly writing prompts
a weekly video message from me
weekly interviews with creative kindreds
private flickr group to share photos and discussions…i’ll be there with you
an open email inbox on my end to receive all messages you might wish to send

what you need for this course:
pen and paper and/or journal
a camera (any kind, including a phone camera…whatever feels comfortable for you)
a computer + internet access
an open heart

what you don’t need:
photography experience
writing experience

Sharing 28 Moments with this compassionate and open-hearted group of women has been a blessing. Michelle’s thought-full prompts enabled me to realize that my quiet life contains daily moments of beauty and joy as well as the promise of possibility. I look forward to participating again!  ~ Grace

what i hope for you:

that you celebrate your innate creativity
that you slow down, if only a bit
that you connect with other beautiful souls

dates:  TBD

cost:  $139 (US)
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what some others are saying:

I am so amazed at how much work Michelle put into each and every post.  They were informative and inspiring.  And, as each post would land into my inbox I felt like I was sitting down with a friend.  Truly.  Her gentle, loving manner is present in the course material and also the wonderful way she interacted with our class.  I enjoyed every moment!  ~Barbara

participating in 28 moments helped me to spot those incredible moments during normal days that I have so often overlooked as being typical, mundane or dreary. it taught me to see that all my moments aren’t covered with glitter, and that that’s okay. it’s been several days since the class ended, and I find I am still catching those moments. I love that. i anticipate carrying michelle’s prompts with me for a good long time. and that is good. ~ Deb 

Michelle is a wonderful and gentle guide. With her open, loving heart, she has created a safe space with this course where everyone can experience photography and writing as tools to live not only mindfully but more lovingly.  ~Anonymous

I would HIGHLY recommend Michelle’s 28 Moments class!  I thoroughly enjoyed my experience.  It helped me to reconnect with the little moments of my life in a creative and thoughtful way.  Michelle is not only wonderful, warm, and supportive but very inspiring as well.  ~Alisha

During a hectic crazy time of my life, I found the course perfect for noticing my moments and being present. Michelle cultivates a creative and reflective class that I looked forward to visiting each day.  ~Karen

michelle’s e-course 28 moments was a true gift. i jumped at the chance to journey with her knowing that she would be a supportive, wise, and thoughtful facilitator and i was not disappointed. it was a pleasure to revel in the simple moments of my everyday life and i carry those gifts with me even now, weeks after the class has ended.   ~Deb

28 Moments allowed me to open up and be myself to new people, while following the direction of a wonderful teacher, and all the while feeling safe.  I felt like I could have been a part of the ‘class’ forever…it was a terrific experience.  ~Vanessa

This was one of the most delightful, heartfelt months I’ve experienced!  Using photography and writing as vehicles for being present, the weekly prompts moved me deeper into awareness, and appreciation, for all the moments that grace my life.  I so enjoyed the flickr community and the sweet encouragement and comments from other participants.  Michelle is truly a friendly guide, with a great big gorgeous open heart!  I highly recommend this class!  ~Margarget

Michelle’s wonderful class, 28 moments is an opportunity to capture and notice the small intimate moments of our lives. The things that might otherwise go unnoticed, but are really what make up our day to day lives. These little celebrations suddenly become worthy of the place they so deserve. Michelle has such an easy way of moving the class into these small moments, helping us to see and capture them . I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this class. ~Cathy

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