Get It Down

Get It Down


Journaling is one of my favorite tools for slowing down, taking care, making note.  It’s a practice to which I return again and again in an effort to ground myself.

If you’ve done any work with me, or if you’ve spent time in this space, you know I’m keen on making things doable.  I think a lot happens in the little.  It’s why I love the tiny moments. So, while I might sometimes write pages of stream-of-conscious writing in my journal, more often it’s lists and collage, found poetry and short sentences, a few doodles and occasionally a splash of paint.

Working in a journal in this way is called creative journaling.  Not a traditional words-only journal.  But not exactly an art journal.  It’s a terrific blend of words and images.  A little of this, a little of that.  Because remember…a lot happens in the little.

In this four-week class, we’re going to write and collage.  We’re going to make photographs and we’re going to doodle.  We’re going to clip words and make poetry. We’re going to explore meditation.  All within our journals.  We’re going to show up to our pages and put down whatever might need putting down on that particular day in unique ways.

Michelle invites you into a creative, compassionate and most safe space. Her gentle guidance is wholehearted “get to” instead of judgmental “have to”. I felt inspired, curious, and lovingly held.  ~ Charlotte

I always love Michelle’s classes, and I never hesitate to sign up. She stretches me in some really good ways, and as I write, make lists, etc. I’m reminded of all that is good in my life…and that the things that are struggles will be gotten through. Reading back over previous entries and classes make for a beautiful journey. There are “scraps of magic” everywhere, and Michelle helps you find them.  ~Paula

As is typical of my online classes, we will play at the same time that we dig deep.


Do you need to be a writer or regular journaler?

Do you need to be an artist?

Do you need to think of yourself as creative?
Nope. (though I happen to believe that every single one of us has creative inclinations tucked within)

Do you need hours each day to enjoy this class?
Nope.  Again, I’m a big believer in the little.  It’ll be nice if you can set aside some time each day to read the daily reflections (maybe while you sip your morning tea or coffee) and then anywhere from 5-30 minutes to  work in your journal at some point in the day.  I’ll be sending you emails each weekday (20 in total!) but the weekends are intended to offer time to catch up or take a break.

I really enjoyed this class. I like the mix of lists, mixed media and seamless writing. I looked forward to receiving the email prompts each day. The class felt light to me, even though you really are looking and thinking about your answers. I especially liked the blackout poetry, I’ve seen it in other classes before but this time I actually did it! I would definitely take this class again and will be looking back at the prompts at different times during the year.
~ Anonymous

Wonderful, wonderful class. Four weeks of daily and varied prompts has me looking forward to continuing this on my own now. Every morning I anticipated turning on my computer to see what Michelle had in store for me/us. I now know several new ways of journaling, and the support from Michelle and the other women in the class is the icing on the cake.  ~ Betty

Michelle is a thoughtful, kind instructor dedicated to helping others experience mindfulness in their daily lives. Every prompt is presented in gentle, encouraging, beautiful words that honor individual approaches to the exercises. Both novice and experienced journalers will learn something new about themselves.  ~ Anonymous

What this class will include:
…a prompt + reflection for each weekday of our four weeks together (that’s a total of 20!)
…an exploration of ways to get what’s inside your head and heart onto the page
…a private classroom for discussion and sharing (I’ll be there often)
…access to me in the private classroom and via email (I love to connect)

We’ll play with list making Just Five Things-style as well as explore various techniques of creative journaling.  Class material arrives in your inbox, straight from my heart to yours.  If you enjoy engaging with community, we’ll have a private classroom for discussion and sharing.

What you need for this class:
…an open heart
…a journal of some kind (though loose sheets of blank paper work too)
…a pen, a pencil, maybe a few colored markers, a Sharpie
…watercolors and colored pencils would be fun
…glue and scissors
…a few old magazines (or you can print words/images from the internet)
…an internet connection

Dates for class:  TBD

Registration is now closed.

Registration fee is $80 USD and covers a full month of prompts + creative journaling techniques + creative community.  Are you ready?!

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***Your confirmation from PayPal will reserve your spot in the course.  You’ll receive a welcome email from me the Friday prior to the first day of class.  In that email, you’ll receive the password for our private gathering space.

***The email you use to register with PayPal is the email to which I will send course material. If you prefer material to be sent to a different email, please make note of that in the Notes to Seller section of  your PayPal registration OR use the contact form on this site to let me know which email you’d like to use for course material.

***If you have a Gmail account, please make sure to check your Promotions folder for course content!

If you have any questions, I’m ready to help.  Send me a note here.


What Others Are Saying…

I love your accessible approach, your welcoming, nurturing nature and the ease with which we can participate at the level that is right for each of us.  You have done such a beautiful job of creating that safe space that I believe people crave.  ~ Stephanie

I love your gentle style.  It gives me more freedom to be myself.  ~ D

I love the soft kindness of your emails and your classes.  ~ N

Thank you, sweet Michelle for being an honest thought provoking prompt facilitator – I love returning to your classes – it’s like slipping on a well-loved cardigan (knitted of course).  ~ Karen