Just Five Things

Dates for next class:  March 8-19, 2021


Life is full and sometimes fast.  In our movements we sometimes miss the finer points; we sometimes miss windows of opportunity to be fully ourselves.  There is the swirling steam from our morning cuppa.  There is the light filtering through the curtain and dappling the wall opposite.  There is our own mood.  Did we catch it?

Tapping into our creative powers (because we are all creatives), we will slow our pace, take note, celebrate.

For two weeks, (we’ll break over the weekend…to rest, to catch up, to explore free-form) we will create with words (Note:  the spring session runs for one week).  We will be writers (yes, you).  We’ll create simple lists, just five things. Three times a day, we’ll pause to look around and look within. Write it, type it; think it, feel it. Just get it down.  Just five things. You can do that.  We can do that.


This course will be playful.  This course will be soulful.  This course might surprise you in discovering just how simple (though not necessarily easy) it is to tap into our creative source and to walk through our days with intention.

And because my camera is never far from my pen/my hand/my heart, we’ll be taking photographs when and if the mood strikes (any photography will be completely optional and can be shared on Instagram).

This course will include:
• a prompt + essay for each day’s lists
• a private online space to gather (I’ll see you there!)
• the option to share on Instagram

What you need for this class:
• an internet connection
• paper + pen to catch your lists (recommended)
• the intention to pause three times a day and write just five things (it’s okay if you forget)
• an open heart (is a big plus)

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***By default, the email you use to register with PayPal is the email I use for course material.  If you prefer material to be sent to a different email, please make note of that in the Notes to Seller section of  your PayPal registration OR use the contact form on this site to let me know which email you’d like to use for course material.

• If you’re registering under the Bring a Friend Discount, please email me with your friend’s name and his/her email address.

• Your confirmation from PayPal will reserve your spot in the course.  You’ll receive a welcome email from me on Sunday, the day before we begin.  In that email, you’ll receive the password for our private gathering space.

• If you have a Gmail account, make sure to check your Promotions folder for course content!

If you have any questions, I’m here to help.  Send me a note here.

What students are saying:

I love making lists and the concept of revisiting those lists over the course of the day is brilliant! This class was a lovely opportunity to go beyond the getting things done lists I make so often and gave me the chance to dig deeper and find connections.  ~Juliann

The richness of these small ‘just’ five things, will surprise you in the best possible ways, I’m ready to sign up as soon as another version appears.  ~Anonymous

Even though I wasn’t an active participant in the classroom space, or even able to access wifi for the duration of the class, the daily prompts worked wonderfully well in my own time and space. They served as gentle yet tenacious nudges that lingered in my thoughts throughout the days. And, I found the list writing to be a simple though revealing practice, and one that has happily led to more writing. I’m grateful to you Michelle, for your offerings as well as the supportive space you’ve created in which to explore them…xo ~Shannon

Just Five Things helped me to re-discover the importance of pausing throughout my days. Pausing and listing my feelings, thoughts, dreams, to-dos helped me to slow down even just for a moment and focus deeply on the right now. Michelle’s prompts, gentle guidance and encouragement were just what I needed at this time to get back into the habit of centering myself throughout my day. Just Five Things will remain a part of my days long after the class is finished!  ~Jen