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|| write your heart ||

online writing circles
1 hour sessions that meet weekly for 4 weeks



I’ve got a lot of words and stories in my heart.  You too?


Join me in an intimate writing circle and write your heart stories. I’ll hold space for you to settle in – sink in – shine on.


We’ll meet on Zoom, an intimate gathering of (no more than) six individuals per group.  Here’s what we’ll do:

• explore short meditations and set intentions for our writing
• listen to poetry and short essays
• work with prompts and do short, timed sessions of writing
• share our writing

Instead of critique, there will be listening. Instead of suggestions, there will be honoring.  Instead of performance, there will be sharing – vulnerability – truth. Sound good? (I know it might sound good and scary, but I promise we’ll work through the scary) (and if you’re not ready to share your writing, I promise that’s okay too.)


Michelle’s gentle guidance and authentic presence during Write Your Heart were the springboard for diving in and showing up for myself and my writing.  I loved the heartbeat meditation which was centering and brought me back to myself ready to begin. Michelle chose diverse and moving snippets of poetry and readings, coupled with unique writing prompts and I eagerly jumped onto the page.

Even though we were a small group, sharing my writing felt ‘scary’ but it was the ‘idea’ of sharing, the story I told myself not the ‘actual’ sharing. My experience after writing and hearing others’ pieces:  I couldn’t wait to share!

Write Your Heart isn’t about feedback, style, or word choice it’s about getting you writing. Writing whatever is in your heart and mind in that moment, and then sharing those thoughts and feelings. Being seen and witnessed is an extraordinary grace. This unexpected gift is my biggest takeaway and I am truly grateful for Michelle and this group of kindred spirits.  ~Laura



Here are some questions you might have…


Do I need to be an experienced writer?

Nope.  You just need to be yourself (see?! you’re a shoo-in). This class is for all writing levels, and is for anyone who likes to work with words.

What kind of writing will we do?

We’ll work mostly with freewriting which is writing whatever comes to mind (to heart) without worry for grammar or spelling or neatness or structure or “being good”. We’ll also play with various techniques (like this).  Our writing will aim to dip into the subconscious and sidestep the inner critic. The writing is timed (10-15 minutes) which provides a gentle container to hold your words (your heart).  We’ll do two bursts of writing per weekly gathering.

What do I need for class?

You need internet access and a computer/phone (with camera) so you can gather with the group via Zoom video platform.

You’ll also need paper and pen.  I know lots of you like typing on the keyboard (I like that too, sometimes), but this work is especially powerful when your hand is holding pen and the meat of your hand is resting on paper.  Thoughts (stories) flow differently when the movement is from head and heart through arm and hand to pen and paper.  We’re accessing a different part of our brains.  It’s pretty cool.  It’s thrilling.  It’s healing.

An open heart is helpful.

What if I need to miss a class?

While I’d hate for you to miss any of the weekly gatherings (and your fellow writers will miss you too) I understand that, well, life happens. Class sessions are not recorded as this work is sacred and in-the-moment.  If you need to miss a class, just let me know when you can’t make it, and I’ll email you the prompts we work with that week.

Why write in this way, and why write in a small circle?

This kind of writing is powerful.

This kind of writing is healing, bringing forth a deep awareness that we all have but sometimes forget we have.  We might think the writing is a hot mess, a jumble of words; we might think we’ve made no sense.  But then, somewhere in those quickly-written lines is a sentence, a phrase, maybe a single word that leads you to whisper Yessss or Ooooh, that.  These kernels can offer insight into experiences you’re working through personally, they can initiate questions for digging deeper, they can generate ideas for further writing.

This kind of writing is a container for creative expression, mindful exploration, inspired being.

This kind of writing can be reworked and edited for more polished writing later.  Maybe it becomes a poem or a song; maybe a piece for your blog; maybe content for a book. Or maybe – and this is thrilling too – the writing is glorious and freely written, released onto the page, end of story. You’ll decide.

Writing in community calls for commitment – to yourself and to others.  These writing circles are limited in size (4-6 participants per group) to support intimacy and conscious connection. The work we do fosters listening to ourselves while honing the ability to listen to others as well.  Of course you can do this kind of writing on your own, but it’s really powerful to join with others.

This writing is good and honest work. So let’s gather, and let’s begin.



Next Session :: TBD

• each session includes 4 meetings
• class size up to 6 participants
• fee for each session:  $99 
• a payment plan is available


To register for a writing session, please send me a message here, indicating the session in which you’d like to reserve a spot.  I’ll respond to you via email before sending a PayPal invoice.

When registering, please pay close attention to the meeting times, listed in Eastern Time.
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Here’s what students are saying:

Thank you, Michelle, for offering Write Your Heart.  Taking this course succeeded in opening my heart once more to the joy of writing without fear of judgement.  Your prompts were well-curated and thought-provoking and I enjoyed the small group size.  You have a gift for gathering kindred spirits and connecting us to our inner voices!  ~ Grace

I am so grateful that I gifted myself the time and space to take this class.  The welcome as each session began, the quieting and taking some moments to breathe, Michelle’s selection of poem or essay that she read as inspiration, the prompts she offered, and the invitation to center on writing what was in my heart at that moment with no pressure to write beautifully or even particularly well – but simply to write, to write my heart – and finally, the invitation to share my writing with the other participants – it was all truly a wonderful experience.  Michelle facilitates with such generosity and grace, and each of the participants felt welcome to share what we had written.  As we read the words that came from our hearts and listened to each other’s words, we found connection and blessing and refreshment.  This workshop will remind you why words on a page are so important, why what is in your heart longs to be written. ~Elizabeth

It’s so very difficult to put into words just how special Michelle’s “Write Your Heart” class is! She created a warm, safe, nurturing “spot” where we were free to do just what her class title says – to write our hearts, to give voice to what we wanted and needed to say. Michelle makes it do-able, thought provoking, and fun. She provides tools to take with us and use outside of class. I’d take this class again and again.  ~Paula

Wow! Write Your Heart has been such a motivating class for me. I had strayed from my writing and journaling practice and was unsure how to begin again. Michelle’s ideas and encouragement were so positive. The prompts she gave were great starting points to get me writing more. I found out that I liked sharing my writings, as well as listening to others read their own. Write Your Heart was a very worthwhile, and enjoyable experience! ~Cindy


Ready to write your heart stories?

When registering, please pay close attention to the meeting times, listed in Eastern Time.
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