Order your Gratitude Journal

I’ve been wanting a journal dedicated solely to gratitude.  I worked in such a journal a few years ago, but the ones I used are no longer available.  What to do?  Well, I designed my own.

And then I thought you might be interested.

The design is simple and uncomplicated:
white, matte pages
soft grey ink
a choice of two covers

The entries are dated and can be used for any calendar year.
You can write every day.  Or not.
Maybe you want to doodle your gratitudes.
Maybe you want to paste in a sweet little Instax print.
It’s really up to you.

This book will hold your gratitudes gathered throughout a year.
It will hold gratitudes and snippets and stories.
It will hold you.

I hope you’ll enjoy it.  xo

Click here to order.


P.S. These are print on demand, so make sure you allow time for printing + shipping :)