Stories of You {free}

In this free, five-day journaling series, I’ll guide you through reflective writing prompts that invite you to look closely at the ways you move through your days.  All of the things—and all of the people—that fill your days color your life experience and inform the stories you tell, the stories you live.

My gift to you is five days of gentle guidance as you dip into your personal stories.  As you set aside time each day and put pen to page, you’ll expand that gift to yourself further…taking time to look inward creates a foundation of self-awareness which then allows you to shine outward as you engage with others.

Start with you.  Ripple out.

When you sign up, you’ll receive a Welcome email right away.  The prompts will begin the following day.  In total, you’ll receive seven emails from me:  a Welcome, Days One—Five, and a Closing.  Right to your inbox.  From my heart to yours.

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